Yazar: Gamer Media, Editör Yazım tarihi: 19.12.2019

The Xbox Series X announcement has been one of the biggest moments ever in the history of the Game Awards. Therefore, event organizers have gone to great lengths to make sure there were no leaks. These extreme measures include even a fake rehearsal script that was in use until the very last moment.

As you can remember, previously known as Project Scarlett, the new console family by Microsoft was revealed during The Game Awards 2019.

The most shocking moment of the whole night was Phil Spencer taking the Game Awards 2019 stage on Thursday. Spencer then continued with publicly unveiling Xbox Series X as the name of Microsoft's next-gen console. As you can guess, no one was expecting it. Although there have been reports on technical aspects of the console family, Microsoft did not announce the reveal officially until the show.

The announcements of the Game Awards typically do not leak. However, the size of this announcement and the little amount of information shared made the leak possible. Yet, it seems Microsoft has beaten the leakers.

That being the case, show managers prepared a fake script for Spencer to defend against the leaks. Spencer read it during rehearsals, making no mention of Xbox Series X.

Users will be able to buy the next-gen console family in the holiday season 2020. Series X will offer players two device options. These options will be, loosely, one budget device and one performance device.

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