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During The Game Awards 2019, Microsoft finally revealed the new Xbox previously known as Project Scarlett. Xbox Series X, the next-generation Xbox console will be out in holiday 2020.

Since gamers already started talking about the design of the new console, we have to clear the dust a little bit. Microsoft announced that the console is compatible with both vertical and horizontal stance. Therefore, don't let the all-vertical advertisement pictures mislead you.

Xbox Series X unveiled by Microsoft, coming in 2020

The all-new Xbox Series X, not surprisingly, will be the most powerful Xbox console Microsoft has ever made. According to the announcement, the design supports the cooling procedure and makes the console even more efficient and quiet.

With the new Xbox having a new design, the new controller is not being left out. Microsoft has also revealed that the controller had gone through different changes too. The new Xbox Wireless Controller will have a different shape and size when compared to the previous generations.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller will also feature a new share button which makes it easier for players to share their best moments. Most importantly, the D-pad now looks like the one previously offered in "Elite" controllers. Elite D-pad in a standard controller will make us think about how will the new Elite controller be like.

Last but not least, Microsoft revealed the first-ever game for the new Xbox. 15 XGS Studios are currently developing the new Hellblade game - Hellblade 2.

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