Yazar: Yaşar Baturalp Artar, Editör Yazım tarihi: 09.01.2020

While the next-generation console battle continues, rumors regarding both the newest PlayStation and Xbox are flaming. A source claims that Xbox Series X will Steam support at launch, using its one of the groundbreaking features. If the news is real, Xbox might be able to obtain the full power of the PC.

According to the rumor surfaced, Xbox Series X will feature a mode called "Windows mode". This mode will let you use any PC application, such as Steam and Epic Store however you like. This means that Microsoft might be able to let Xbox players access PlayStation games through Epic Store or PC games through Steam.

The Windows mode will make players be able to access Windows 10 through the Xbox console. It is not clear whether all the PC programs will be supported or not, but gaming platforms would be an interesting topic to discuss. Microsoft has already made it clear that the newest Xbox is as powerful as a PC, therefore making the console technically able to run PC games.

Xbox Series X may dominate the generation.

In addition to the big gaming platforms, there are other big players in the game like League of Legends, therefore Riot Games. It is not clear what kind of attitude would the developers have towards such technology. Xbox Series X featuring Steam and Epic Games Store would be a dominating machine. We will see if this will come out true or not.

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