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Recipes from Disney Dreamlight Valley frequently call for chili peppers. Whether you’re looking to make Chili Pepper Puffs, Fish Tacos or Spicy Baked Bream, you’ll need a few chili peppers to perfect your cooking collection log. Find out where to buy chili peppers in Disney Dreamlight Valley by reading on if you're curious to know more.

Where to Get Chili Peppers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sunlit Plateau is the only place where you can find chili peppers. Head to the Plaza and sprint past your home until you come to a slope covered in huge Night Thorns to enter Sunlit Plateau. You need 7,000 Dreamlight to remove the thorns, so start saving if you don't have any!

When you arrive in Sunlit Plateau, move in the direction of Goofy Stall. Use the Scrooge Construction sign to make repairs to it if you haven't yet purchased the first upgrade for it. After entering the store, you'll notice items like cocoa beans, cotton, zucchini, and chili pepper seeds. Upgrade the stall once more if you don't notice it immediately away. Save up if you're low on Star Coins and need to buy a lot because each chili pepper seed costs 20 of them.

Be prepared to wait 45 minutes for your own chili peppers to finish growing if you intend to do so. It will still take time to finish, even though planting them in Sunlit Plateau expedites the process. Prior to moving around and engaging in other activities, be sure to water the plants. Then, go back and get the peppers. If you grow enough pepper plants, you can make a respectable amount of money because each pepper sells for 78 cents. In addition, you can cook with them or consume them to receive 140 energy!

Through the official website, you can play Disney Dreamlight Valley on the PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation platforms. Check out Where to Find Snowballs and How to Find a Walleye in Disney Dreamlight Valley to discover more about the game.

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