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Coal has an important place among the resources that are the key to technological progress in Palworld. Because, thanks to coal, you can produce important items such as carbon fiber and refined metal. It is also required for basic technologies such as high-level Pal Sphere and weapons. That's why you'll start to need it before too long. In this guide article, we will answer questions such as where is the coal mine and how can you get it? If you're ready, let's get into the details now.

How to Obtain Palworld Coal?

The easiest way to get coal is in the Verdant Brook region, south of the desert and snowy mountain near the center of the map. To collect coal efficiently, you can follow these steps:

  1. Explore the Desert: Search for large black rocks. These are darker in color than standard stones. They also look different from ores.
  2. Hardware Selection: You can obtain coal with any pickaxe. However, a higher level pickaxe speeds up the process.
  3. Transport Plan: Remember that transportation points in the desert are few, so transporting coal to your base may be difficult. Consider strategic Palbox placements for fast travel.

Palworld Desert Coal Mine Locations

There are two notable areas in the desert where coal nodes are dense. Remember to wear appropriate armor against extreme temperature changes. Places you should go to in the desert:

  1. First Location: Coordinates (-157, -92). It's also worth keeping an eye out for Alpha Pal Anubis wandering around nearby.
  2. Second Location: Coordinates (-97, -120). You can make use of this point located on the rocks. Because it is in a relatively safe location from base raids.

Coal Mine Sites in Verdant Brook

To find coal in Verdant Brook, you'll need a flying Pal. Palworld is extremely rich in Coal. Here are the main points:

  1. First Location: Coordinates (189, -40). This region has not only coal but also eight ore nodes, increasing your orb production capacity.
  2. Second Location: Coordinates (290, -20). Although coal is found here, nearby ore nodes are located slightly further to the east, near nodes seven.

Using these locations and strategies, Coal can be harvested efficiently within Palworld. Additionally, this way you can advance your technological efforts. For a successful mining tour, consider environmental challenges. Of course, be prepared accordingly.

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