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Genshin Impact Naku Weed is a brand new addition to the Inazuma. Even though the limited quantites you can find might give you a bit of a hard time, you might wanna save up some for the future.

Genshin Impact Naku Weed: What is it?

When you first encounter Naku Weed in the wild, you might wonder what it does. Naku Weed's item descrition in the game is as follows "Even on windless days, this plant will tremble lightly amid the cries of thunder. The part of it that resembles petals are in fact extensions of the leaves meant to protect the fragile flower".

You might find that this item is not that useful unless you have couple of character or trying to craft Electroculus Resonance items. This item is required for the Ascension of some certain characters such as Yoimiya and Kuki Shinobu. You might not want Yoimiya and think to yourself "Do I really need this?". The answer might be a yes. Because common plant items are always used in character Ascension and considering we're in the early stages of Inazuma update, you might wanna save up some to be used later in game.

Where to find Naku Weed

You can encounter Naku Weed during your travels to the three islands of Inazuma; Seirai, Narukami, Kannazuka and Yashiori. Seirai  is the one with the most Naku Weed spread around it's landscape, while Kannazuka taking the second place, Narukami taking the third place and Yashiori in the last place.

You can find the Nake Weed locations by island below.

Narukami Island

Kannazuka Island

Yashiori Island

Seirai Island

Genshin Impact Naku Weed Respawn Time

Now that we know where to find them, we also wanted let you now how long it takes for you to find Naku Weed in the same spots as well. When you collect a Naku Weed, it takes 2 to 3 server days for the item to respawn in the exact location.

But is that all? Of course not. You know the saying " Don't give me a fish, teach me how to catch fish". The other way of collecting Naku Weed is of course growing your own.

Genshin Impact Naku Weed: How to grow your own?

You need to equip Seed Dispensary gadget while collecting Naku Weed to obtain Naku Weed seed.  Seed Dispensary item can be obtained after reaching reputation level 3 and completing the "The Art of Horticulture" quest. After that all you need to plant them is A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe. These seeds can only be planted in this.

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