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The problem of graphics card fans not rotating is a situation that computer users frequently encounter and can be a serious problem. The graphics card's fans normally work to regulate and cool the card's temperature. Failure of fans may cause overheating of the graphics card, loss of performance and even permanent damage. In this article, we will discuss in detail the causes and solutions to the problem of graphics card fans not rotating. We will also talk about how to prevent this problem and what should be done to ensure the longevity of the graphics card.

Graphics card fans are not spinning, what is the solution?

It's definitely an annoying problem. In fact, it is a problem that will harm the health of the PC if it is not resolved. Therefore, it is necessary to solve it immediately. So, what is the solution to this problem? Now, we will explain many possibilities and solutions. Here are the problems and solutions:

Check Fan Connections

If the graphics card's fans are not spinning, the first thing you need to do is to check the physical connections of the fans. Some fans are directly soldered to the video card and the connections of such fans do not break frequently. However, on some graphics cards, fans are installed through ports and these connections may become loose over time. Therefore, safely check the connections of the fans and reconnect them if necessary.

Check for Driver Updates

Your graphics card's driver software may affect the proper operation of the fans. If the graphics card fans are not spinning, it would be useful to check this. Outdated or missing drivers may prevent the fans from being controlled. Therefore, visit the official website of the video card manufacturer to download and install the latest drivers. Make sure the drivers are properly installed and activated.

Adjust Fan Speeds

On some video cards, fan speeds can be adjusted by the user. Usually, these settings can be made through third-party software or the manufacturer's own software. Check fan speeds and increase as necessary. However, running fans at very high speeds can cause noise and excessive energy consumption, so choosing a balanced speed is important.

Watch for Temperature Issues

The temperature levels of the graphics card can affect the operation of the fans. If the graphics card is overheating, the fans should run at higher speeds. Third-party software or the graphics card's own software can be used to monitor temperature levels. If the temperature is high, you can solve the problem by increasing fan speeds.

Dust and Dirt Cleaning

Dust and dirt can prevent fans from working properly. This may be the source of the problem that the graphics card fans are not rotating. Dust that accumulates over time can stick to the fan blades and make it difficult for them to spin. Therefore, it is important to clean your graphics card at regular intervals. You can use compressed air or special cleaning products to remove dust inside.

Fan Replacement

If the fans are physically damaged or faulty, you may need to replace the fans. Replacing your graphics card's fans is an effective way to extend the life of your graphics card. However, you should be careful when doing this and choose a compatible fan.

Cooling System Improvements

In some cases, the cooling system of your graphics card is inadequate. You can control the temperature of your graphics card by using a larger cooling system or liquid cooling.

Warranty Usage

If your graphics card is under warranty and the fans are problematic, you can get warranty service by contacting the manufacturer. Fans of graphics cards within the warranty period can be replaced free of charge.

Get Professional Help

Graphics card fans still not spinning? If the above solutions do not solve your problem or you think there is a physical problem with the graphics card, you should consider getting professional help. Computer repair technicians or service centers diagnose and fix video card problems.

Software Problems and Solutions

Let's also consider the software problem of graphics card fans not rotating. Causes and solutions:

1. Driver Problems

One of the most common reasons for graphics card fans not spinning is driver problems. Outdated, missing or incompatible drivers prevent fans from working.


First, download and install the latest driver updates from your video card's manufacturer website. After updating the drivers, restart your computer and check if the fans are spinning.

2. Overheating

When graphics cards overheat, they try to cool themselves by running the fans faster. However, they may not be able to perform this function due to software problems.


Use third-party software to monitor the temperature of your graphics card. Increase fan speeds when overheating is detected. Also, clean any dust inside the computer case and ensure good airflow.

3. Fan Control Software

Some graphics cards allow user control of fan speeds. However, accidentally turning off the fans or running them at low speed will cause the fans not to rotate.


Check fan speeds using software provided by the video card manufacturer. Reset fans to default settings.

Hardware Problems and Solutions

It is possible that the problem of graphics card fans not rotating is also hardware related. Causes and solutions:

1. Fan Connections and Power Supplies

Problems with the hardware connections or power supplies of the fans cause the fans not to rotate.


Check the connections and power supplies of the fans. If a connection is loose or the power cord is not connected, the fans will not work.

2. Physical Damage

If the graphics card's fans are physically damaged, this will cause the fans to not spin.


If the fans are physically damaged, you will need to replace the fans. For this process, you need to remove the graphics card and install new fans.

3. Graphics Card BIOS Settings

BIOS settings of video cards control the operating speed and behavior of fans. Incorrect settings will cause the fans not to spin.


Check the BIOS settings of the video card. Find and adjust settings that will correct fan speeds and behavior.

In this article, we have given detailed information about the various causes and solutions to the problem of graphics card fans not rotating. When you encounter this problem, you can solve your problem by following the steps above. Remember that as long as the graphics card fans work properly, the performance and life of your graphics card will be longer.

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