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Steam is a digital game distribution platform preferred by millions of gamers around the world. Steam, allows you to purchase, download and play games digitally. However, it also offers features like family sharing. In this guide, we will examine Steam family sharing in detail with current information for 2023. Read on to learn what Steam family sharing is, what it does, its features, advantages and more. Now, let's move on to the details.

What is Steam Family Sharing?

Steam family sharing is a feature that allows you to share games and other Steam content between family members using the same computer. This makes it easy to share your games between family members in the same household or family members in different locations. Additionally, multiple people can play different games at the same time.

Family sharing is an extremely useful option to enhance family gaming experience and reduce gaming costs. Thanks to this feature, family members can share the same game among several different accounts instead of purchasing games separately.

How Does Steam Family Sharing Work?

Steam family sharing is a system developed to facilitate game sharing between family members. Below we will explain step by step how this feature works:

  1. Steam Family Library: The primary account is set for Steam family sharing. This account creates the family library. This account purchases and manages family games.
  2. Family Members Added: Other Steam accounts with which you want to share games from the family library are added as family members. Family members are usually family members living in the same household, but you can also add distant family members.
  3. Games are Shared: Games in the family library can now be played by family members. These games become accessible through family members' own Steam accounts.
  4. Playing at Separate Times: Family members can play different games at the same time. For example, while one family member is playing a game, other family members can start and play a different game.
  5. Restrictions and Security: Family sharing is limited by security measures. Shared games do not affect family members' profiles and achievements. Additionally, family members can restrict or disable their access to certain games.

This operation is designed to make the family gaming experience easier and more economical. However, some games may not support family sharing or may be subject to restrictions set by the developer.

Features of Steam Family Sharing

Steam family sharing attracts attention with some of its features. Here are some of these features:

1. Game Sharing

Steam family sharing allows you to share games among family members. This makes the games playable by multiple people even though you only purchase them once.

2. Playing at Separate Times

Family members can play different games at the same time. This is an ideal option for those with different gaming interests in the family.

3. Restrictions

Steam family sharing comes with certain security measures and restrictions. The owner of games in the family library can restrict or disable access to shared games.

4. Family Library Management

The family library allows you to centrally manage games within the family. This makes it easier for family members to access games on a regular basis.

5. Use on Different Devices

Steam family sharing lets you access the same family library from different devices. This offers flexibility to play games across different computers or devices.

Advantages of Steam Family Sharing

Steam family sharing has a number of advantages. Here are some of these advantages:

1. Reduces Gaming Costs

By sharing the same game among many family members, everyone avoids having to purchase the same game separately. This significantly reduces gaming costs.

2. Increases Family Gaming Experience

Family members can have a fun experience by playing different games at the same time according to their gaming preferences. This makes family playtime more enjoyable.

3. Playing at Separate Times

Different family members can play games in their own time. This adapts to the busyness of daily life, such as work or school.

4. Central Library Management

The family library makes it easy to manage games centrally. It is possible to control which games are shared, who has access and what restrictions apply.

5. Use on Different Devices

The flexibility of being able to access the same family library from different devices is a useful feature of Steam family sharing. This allows you to play games across laptops, desktops, and even devices like Steam Link.

Things to Consider When Using Steam Family Sharing

Although family sharing offers many advantages, it is important to pay attention to some issues. These points are:

1. Game Restrictions

Developers may limit family sharing in some games. Therefore, it is important to check whether the game you want to share supports family sharing.

2. Safety Precautions

Family sharing is limited by security measures. When sharing games from the family library, it is important to configure security settings and restrictions correctly.

3. Account Assurance

Protecting family members' account information is especially important for younger family members. You can take precautions in this regard by limiting access to your accounts.

4. Internet Connection

Family members need an internet connection to play shared games. This is important so that the games can be accessed correctly.

5. Compatible Devices

If you want to play games on different devices, you should check whether these devices support Steam family sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Steam Family Sharing

Let's answer some frequently asked questions about family sharing:

1. How Many People Does Steam Family Sharing Apply to?

Family sharing allows you to share between up to five different accounts. This includes the primary account and four family member accounts.

2. What Games Does Family Sharing Support?

When using Steam family sharing, you can share most games. However, some games may not support this feature or may be subject to restrictions set by the developer.

3. Are Games Registration and Achievements Affected?

Shared games do not affect family members' own profiles and achievements. Each player's progress is recorded in their own account.

4. Should Family Members Be in Different Regions?

No, it happens even if family members are in different geographical areas. Steam family sharing is not subject to geographical restrictions.

5. Is Steam Family Sharing Free?

Yes, Steam family sharing is a free feature. You can take advantage of this feature absolutely free of charge when you create your Steam account.

Steam family sharing is a feature that makes family gaming more accessible and affordable. By sharing the same games among several different accounts, you can reduce gaming costs and ensure an enjoyable experience among family members. Family sharing stands out as a safe and useful feature when configured correctly. However, it is important to note that not every game supports this feature and there are some restrictions. Carefully managing your account security and security settings also plays a critical role when using Steam family sharing.

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