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It appears like GTA 6 early build footage has made its way online. On the GTAForums, a person by the name of teapotuberhacker had shared a ZIP file with links to over 90 videos of what they claimed to be GTA 6. The video showed a prototype version of the game with playable characters for both men and women. It also featured a place that reminded viewers uncannily of Vice City, a made-up version of Miami.

GTA 6 Details: What We Know

Videos of this purported GTA 6 have circulated on Twitter and YouTube among other websites.

In the video up top, a male protagonist is shown performing a quest in what appears to be a pub or nightclub. They are also being spoken to by an NPC. The playable character in this clip is called Jason, according to the placeholder for the subtitle. This leak is confirmed by the club's resemblance to Vice City's Malibu Club.

The female playable character is shown robbing a restaurant in the video up top. Together with the man who appears to be the previous video's male protagonist, they are plundering. The playable female character is referred to as Lucia in several sources. The movements and animations appear to be well done as well.

Port Gelhorn is the name of one of the places that are depicted in the film. There is also a messaging app named WhatsUp!, which obviously alludes to the genuine WhatsApp. In addition, one of the stolen videos depicts the game being tested on a PS4 development kit. This would imply that GTA 6 will be available on both new and old console generations.

An earlier Bloomberg investigation verified that the characters were both masculine and female.

Take Two Interactive or Rockstar have not yet filed a DMCA complaint against any of the screenshots or videos.

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