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With a lot of positive comments, The Witcher Netflix series is often mentioned as a great success. On the contrary, nearly all of its audience complains about the complexity of the series' timeline. Acting accordingly, Netflix published a new interactive website containing an official interactive timeline of the series.

If you wish, you can visit the interactive website here. The website contains an interactive map and accompanying chronological timeline of events, helping a confused viewer to find out where they are in the story. The timeline is different for three main characters: Yennefer, Geralt and Ciri. Therefore, the interactive map also differentiates three timelines using three different colors.

The Witcher Netflix series now has an official timeline to guide viewers

In addition to the three main timelines, the interactive website also offers an official timeline of The Witcher universe. This way, you can figure out which episode you are in or which events are occurring in the universe. Furthermore, it is also possible to see all of the events on a map. This way, you will not only know when things happened but also learn where they happened.

The Witcher Netflix series interactive website successfully puts together all the chronological knowledge series that had to present. We truly recommend taking a look, even after finishing the series. If you want to read a little bit more about The Witcher, we recommend taking a look at our spoiler-free review.

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