Yazar: Yaşar Baturalp Artar, Editör Yazım tarihi: 12.12.2019

Long-awaited The Witcher Netflix series' will debut on 20 December 2019 and its final trailer just dropped. The series will go on air next week on Netflix, so the final trailer may show you the last glimpse.

The trailer mostly increases focus on big battles and scary monsters, which the audience likes the most. Battle scenes seem to be very intense and likely to get appreciation from The Witcher video games' and books' followers.

To discuss battle scenes more in-depth, it can be said that they take place in big and open fields. Therefore, the battle scenes already started to create a battle between The Witcher and Game of Thrones. Since the latter did not satisfy the audience with its ending, it is safe to say that people's hopes are high with The Witcher Netflix series.

Above, you can watch the final trailer of the series and start waiting for December 20. Even though trailers do not show so, it is rumored that Ciri will have a lot of screen time. The series consists of eight episodes and it has already been renewed for a second season. All episodes will air at the same time and will be available on Netflix.

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