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Consider playing the Sims' virtual deity role once more. You still have The Sims 4 though. However, the Sims 5 is what you should be daydreaming about if you are hankering after the "next generation" of drowning people in swimming pools. The Sims 5 release date might not be as soon as you anticipate, though.

Maxis, the Sims' creator, is most likely already at work on the series' upcoming release. However, they lack some specifics.

The Sims 4 is still providing wonderful expansion packs, game packs, kits, and even mods to keep you engaged if you need a quick Sims fix. Even while the game is still fantastic, it has been almost 7 years since its debut, and it is beginning to feel dated, especially when compared to other contemporary games.

The Sims 5 Release Date

EA was certain that it wouldn't publish a sequel until The Sims 4 was a huge commercial success. Fortunately for the players, the game brings in millions of dollars every year, $462 million to be exact.

The Sims 4 Cottage Living, which was just published and received high marks from fans, has also received a lot of support from the developers. Over 1000 new item varieties were also added in the update, which is a lot of free content—especially for an EA game.

The Sims 5 has no set release date as of yet. There are no signs that the business is already at work on the wildly successful franchise's upcoming installment.

However, EA CEO Andrew Wilson made a hint regarding a Sims game with a multiplayer component in 2020. In a conference call with investors, he said: "You should imagine that, while we will always stay true to our inspiration, escape, creation, and self-improvement motivations, that this notion of social interactions and competition" as Maxis thinks about The Sims for a new generation across platforms in a cloud-enabled world.

The kind of things that were once present on The Sims Online, he continued, "will start to become a part of the ongoing Sims experience in the years to come,"

Sims Community fan site discovered this information in 2020. We are quite excited, he continued. For supplying and satisfying these player motives, this game really doesn't have any rivals in its category, and we believe that this presents us with a fantastic possibility for future growth.

 More Social Interactions

Just to review, Andrew Wilson wants to add a little more social interaction to the upcoming Sims game. We really doubt they'll take the MMO way, but if they do, we at least hope we can host our pals over if they're going to prioritize social and online interactions.

It is safe to assume that the game won't be launched any time soon given that Andrew Wilson's conversation with the investors took place more than two years ago. It should be mentioned that The Sims game normally has a long time between each iteration.

In 2009, The Sims 3 was launched, then in 2014, The Sims 4. The Sims 3 expansion packs were still being released by EA as of October 2013, even though The Sims 4 had previously been announced. It doesn't necessarily follow that EA isn't actively developing the following game as they are continuously producing expansion packs for The Sims 4.

Our best assumption is that The Sims 5 won't be out until after 2023.

The Sims 5 – What Platforms Will See the Release

According to past performance, The Sims 5 will likely debut on PC first. eventually make its way to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. It has become customary at this time for the new Sims game to release on PC first, and it is quite likely that EA won't change this pattern.

The Sims 5 will probably be available on Apple devices for Mac gamers. We have no reason to doubt that EA will distribute their well-known game on Apple devices, especially in light of The Sims 4's Mac release.

The Sims 4 never made it to the Nintendo Switch, which was incredibly disappointing to us. Therefore, there is very little chance that Nintendo's portable will receive the next big release. Of course, we want them to prove us wrong.

Does EA Even Want to Release a New Sims Game?

There have been 12 "game packs" for The Sims 4. The most recent game pack, which was launched on July 28, 2022, has a High School theme. The DLC machine is still running. These game expansions or packs are entirely purchased DLC, not free software upgrades. Some of them improve overall gaming and life quality and are fairly important.

The total cost of all the game bundles would be approximately $439.89 USD. The cost of the base game, which is typically $39.99 USD when not on sale, is not included in this figure.

The majority of Sims 4 enthusiasts chose which additions they enjoy best and purchase those. Many people decide to get everything to have a full experience.

In other words, Sims 4 is bringing in a lot of money for EA, and ultimately, that's what counts for a business. The aim of EA, a different company, is to maximize revenues. They are clearly milking the game like Rockstar did with GTA V Online, even though they aren't re-releasing it like another corporation (cough...Bethesda...cough).

Better than Rockstar?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Rockstar and their rapacious Shark Cards still lose to EA's expansion concept. Instead of just receiving a single flying car that you can use to harass other players, at least you are getting an entire expansion.

As a business, it seems sense that Sims 4 is printing cash for the organization. When the well runs empty, they'd want to keep doing it. Without having to create an entirely new game, they are essentially receiving the same amount of money. A smaller development team and a minimal staff can maintain the new material, allowing the business to effectively save more money.

However, EA recently lost their cash cow, the FIFA alliance after FIFA 23. FIFA cannot be used in football games, which are known as soccer to Americans. They might decide to concentrate on a franchise they control entirely if they lose out on the collaboration. Regarding the Sims IP, there are no licensing payments or cooperation agreements to be signed.

Is there a release date for Sims 5 that has been set in stone by EA? No, they'll hold off on releasing the new chapter until Sims 4 has completely lost its appeal.

The Sims 5 – What is Our Wishlist

Optional Social Elements

We recognize that EA is shifting its focus, and it is admirable that they are experimenting with new social features. However, a large portion of Sims players adore the game because it allows for independent play. Typically, EA encourages online play when they take the "multiplayer and social" approach.

Certain features, like Autolog in Need for Speed games, certainly improve the experience, but many Sims fans won't be in favor of making online play necessary. We are hopeful that EA will at least accommodate lone gamers, eliminating the need for constant online connectivity.

Back To the Open World

Your Sim could wander outside in The Sims 3 and observe other Sims going about their everyday activities because the game included an open world. You were free to explore the area because the experience was smooth and there were no loading screens. You had complete freedom to wander about and go to stores. The degree of immersion that resulted was amazing.

For whatever inexplicable reason, The Sims 4 decided to remove all of that freedom and replace it with constraints. It is not as good as just stepping there to go somewhere else to click on a menu.

The immersion is entirely destroyed by loading screens, which yank you out of the game and are like enormous billboards that announce, "You are playing a videogame." A loading screen welcomes you even before you leave the confines of your home, discouraging you further from exploring.

We are optimistic that EA can revive a sense of immersion and community with the capabilities of next-generation platforms. There shouldn't be any loading screens thanks to the fast SSDs in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. We have a winning formula when we combine The Sims 4's diversity and seamless open world.

Better Building Options

Even while The Sims 4 includes a reasonable number of building possibilities, some were lacking. The absence of a color wheel in The Sims 3 was, in my opinion, the biggest. We can consider the possibility of that the Sims 5 using improved construction options or at the very least, upgrades that are centered upon constructing.

Improved building options are usually appreciated since they let gamers create stunning works of art without being constrained by odd restrictions.

In connection with it, we ought to demand improved neighborhood creation tools. Back then, you were able to decide how the property would be laid out in addition to being able to design your own home. In The Sims 2, choosing the terrain design was just the start; you could also include environmental features like trees.

But The Sims 4 had stringent limitations on everything. The environment was also locked, drastically limiting player possibilities, in addition to the predetermined lot sizes. Better neighborhood design capabilities for The Sims 5 would allow us to create communities that are completely unique to our preferences. If you're in the market for a building management sim, we suggest Buildings Have Feelings.

Better Graphics

This one is a guarantee because the Sims franchise has consistently added new visual features. But it has been a while since they witnessed a significant improvement in graphics fidelity. Take the graphics from the Battlefield Series as an example; you can tell how they get better with each game. Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4 was a tremendous jump.

I'm not advocating that Maxis alter their proprietary engine—which, incidentally, has no official name. I'm only saying that they could do so much better if they completely redid it using contemporary graphics methods. Sure, they could just switch to a more powerful engine, but I believe that would damage the design's iconic feel.

Better Overall Package

Did you realize that The Sims 4 enthusiasts had to wait almost two years for the addition of pools? Of course you do; we intended our Sims to use the pool for swimming and, perhaps, to take down the ladder while they were doing so.

The Sims 4 experienced the same delay in adding toddlers. We are hopeful that EA won't launch the game without key components. Maybe they can include The Pets right away as well. Speaking of dog shelter management games, To The Rescue is an excellent one.

It's possible to add them back in, but doing so would damage the overall product at launch. Updates and expansions should add to previously published content rather than simply patching in missing pieces.

Conclusion About the Sims 5 Release Date

The Sims 5's release date is still a ways off. Even though there hasn't been much marketing, we predict it'll come out later this year, by the end of 2023. The Sims 4 is  doing better these days, and owing to the customary sales, you can pick up the game and all of its expansion packs for a fairly reasonable price.

It would be expensive to bag them all, therefore it is best to choose and choose. We should find out more information regarding The Sims 5's release date soon enough.

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