Yazar: Staff, Editör Yazım tarihi: 03.07.2022

This week has been truly amazing for gamers. We started the week with the amazing news with the mod for STALKER: Call of Pripyat, Misery 2.0 mod. Then Rise of Triad release put a smile on our faces. Lastly, we want to share the latest happy news of the week. Did you know about the release of the new Super Mario title? If not, let us introduce you to Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.0.

As specified by the team, the new version includes completely new designed levels from Super Mario Bros. Special. This version includes difficulty based maps and with them included now there are 192 levels in the game. New skin selection system, new skins, full screen support and a new difficulty system are the other worthy changes to mention.

The team stated the following

" Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a non profit game and because of this we added small number of things so that the development of the game worthwhile for us as well. Now you can find a news feed in game and additionally it includes a counter that shows the progress of our campaign that is helping us to speeding up the development of Super Retro Squad."

The development team added that more new levels and character skins are on their way set up for future. Although they stated that the team is going to be focusing on the development of a 2D platformer, Super Retro Squad. The gameplay and the characters are influenced by Nintendo and Super Nintendo classics. When we asked them what are the games they were influenced by, the team answered "Super Mario World, Mega Man X and Super Mario Bros. combined with a 4-player coop." To be perfectly honest, that sounds exciting for platformer lovers like us. We hope it has the effect on you too.

This news made you excited? Then you can go ahead and visit the offical website without hesitation and start enjoying the game right away.

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