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Steam hosts its biggest sales in winter and summer, as Summer Sale and Winter Sale. Now, we reportedly will see something in between, namely the 2020 Lunar New Year Sale. Although the sale is not yet officially announced, mails have been sent to developers and publishers, leaked by a Reddit user.

Steam is reportedly planning a 2020 Lunar New Year Sale

A new message sent by Valve shows that the sale will take place on the 23rd of January and will last five days. The sale is not new, it was present in 2019 too, but was held in February instead of January. Only two weeks after the winter sale, players will be able to get their hands on big discounts.

The message sent to Valve's partners, shown above, does not include more details regarding the sale. The only thing we know is that it's real and Steam expects its partners to participate. We are not sure why the sale will take place in January instead of February, but there must be something behind.

The message was originally shared by a Reddit user jaydipmodhwadia on Reddit. It is also being said that newly released titles will not be included in the sale, given the Steam regulation of "no discounts within 30 days of the initial release".

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