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Here's how to utilize the mod tool that is now available for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PC.

Any asset in the game's asset archives can be extracted and changed using the Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered PC mod tools. The foundation for both developing and installing mods is having a straightforward mod file format, and Nexus mods user jedijosh920's program provides precisely that.

Spider-man remastered mod tool

How to yse the mod tool for Spider-Man Remastered


  • Extract ALL the tool files to any folder.
  • Use “File” -> “Select Asset Archives Folder…” and select the “asset_archives” folder inside your game directory.
  • On first use, the mod tool will issue a warning and ask you to convert your asset archives. For this, use “Tools” -> “Convert Asset Archives”, and wait a few minutes to allow the game to be compatible with modding.
  • Browse the asset archives, and extract or replace any game asset you like.
  • Some assets aren’t named and will, therefore, need to be hashed in the “AssetHashes.txt” folder before being compatible.

Extracting/Replacing Assets

  • Right click on an asset on the side files view, and select extract or replace.
  • Once an asset is extracted, it will be a decompressed game file, whether it be a model, texture, actor, etc.
  • Use other tools or programs to modify extracted assets, or manually hex edit them if you’re aware of the process.
  • Re-import/replace the modified asset. Alternatively, asset that has the same “Asset Type” can also be swapped.

Note: In future updates, the tool will be able to process more assets on its own, without the need for external programs.

Creating/Installing Mods

  • When replacing an asset with another, it will be added to the “Save/Create Mod” modified files queue.
  • The asset is not replaced in the files until you create a mod file (“.smpcmod”) for it, and use “Install Mod”.
  • Mod thumbnails can be added and metadata, such as Title, Author, and Description can be changed.

It is advised that users of this mod make a "Install" mod file that contains modified files and a "Uninstall" mod file that contains backup data.

Action-adventure game Marvel's Spider-Man was created by Insomniac Games and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PC on August 12, 2022. Here is a quick and easy repair if you've been experiencing frame rate drops and performance problems while playing.

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