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Users of Steam Deck are complaining that they are unable to start Soul Hackers 2 because it crashes or freezes during the loading screen. If you're one of these users, keep reading for a temporary fix until a permanent one is patched in.

Since Soul Hackers 2 can be launched without modifying the game's files, the solution to the freezing and crashing issue is pretty straightforward.

How To Fix Freezing & Crashing In Soul Hackers 2

To fix Soul Hackers 2's crashing and freezing difficulties, adhere to the instructions listed below.

  1. Make sure your Steam Deck is connected to the internet
  2. Do not change the resolution from the default setting
  3. If you did change the resolution or are experiencing issues regardless, close the game and switch over to Proton Experimental
  4. Boot up the game again
  5. If you find no music playing during battles, restart the game once again

The conflict between the Yatagarasu and the Phantom Society, two rival Devil Summoner factions, is depicted in Soul Hackers 2 as occurring in the twenty-first century. The main characters of the story are Ringo and Figue, two "Aion" creatures that journey into the world of humans from where they were born in the data stream in an effort to avert a catastrophe that they predict will put an end to humanity.

The Press Turn method used in the core Shin Megami Tensei games serves as the foundation for Soul Hackers 2's battle system. In other Megami Tensei games, a party of four characters and their elemental affinities participate in fights. Characters alternate turns using a mix of physical strikes and magic abilities that summon demons to perform elemental attacks. The skill "Sabbath," which targets all weak foes in battle and causes tremendous damage to all of the active party members, may only be used if the player is successful in exploiting an enemy or enemy group's susceptibility to a certain Skill.

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