Yazar: Gamer Media, Editör Yazım tarihi: 07.01.2020

In a nutshell, you didn't miss much at today's press conference on Sony's CES 2020. Except for the new PlayStation 5 logo which is arguably new.

PlayStation news provided by the company was somewhat sparse, with Sony merely unveiling the official logo for PlayStation 5. And it looks pretty much as expected. It seems like Sony did not want to divert from the sleek look of the PlayStation 4 logo.

In addition to the new PS5 logo, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan came on stage to announce some of the previously known features of the new console. These included Ultra HD Blu-ray support, ultra-high-speed SSD, and a new adaptive trigger controller.

Ryan also reported that Sony sold more than 106 million consoles from PlayStation 4 and a staggering 1,15 billion PS4 titles. Considering these numbers were produced in a time period of six and a half year, they are pretty impressive. In addition to that, PlayStation VR sold 5 million units, while PSN sold 5 million copies.

In addition to new announcements, PlayStation architect at Sony Cerny was asked to name the price range of the console. The veteran designer said, "I think we will sell it at a suggested retail price that will appeal to gamers in view of its advanced feature set." This raises the question if the new console's price will be higher than its predecessor. The PlayStation 4 was launched at a price of $400.

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