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The optimum settings for Saints Row will probably be helpful for individuals who are experiencing frame rate problems because the game might be graphically demanding on PC.

Make sure you update Windows and your GPU drivers to the most recent versions before exploring the best Saints Row PC settings. Additionally, to minimize CPU overhead as much as feasible, disable or close any unneeded background programs. The parameters shown below have been tuned to provide the best reliable performance.

Saints row best settings

Saints Row Best Settings

The optimum settings are provided as a guide for further adjusting in accordance with your unique hardware specifications. As a result, depending on the refresh rate of your monitor and the desired overall performance, you might need to further tweak some parameters until you hit a sweet spot.

  • API:
    • DX12: if RTAO is a preference
    • Vulkan: if targeting higher frame rates
  • RTAO:
    • based on personal preference and RT capabilities of your GPU
    • Off if targeting higher frame rates
  • VSync:
    • On: if your display does not support VRR
    • Off: if your display supports VRR
  • Field Of View: default or based on personal preference
  • Graphics Quality Preset: Custom
  • Anti-aliasing: TSSAA 8X
  • Scene Detail: High
  • Shadow Quality: High
  • Water Quality: Ultra
  • Undergrowth: High
  • Post Processing: Ultra
  • Depth of Field: Normal
  • Effects Quality: High
  • Texture Cache Size: High
  • Texture Filter Quality: Aniostropic 16X
  • General Reflections: High
  • Planar Reflection: High
  • Screen Space Reflection: Medium
  • Vehicle Shading: High
  • Global Illumination Quality: High
  • HBAO: Normal

Saints Row is an action-adventure video game that was created by Volition and released by Deep Silver. It takes place in the fictitious city of Santo Ileso, which is located in the American southwest and is loosely based on Las Vegas, Nevada. On August 23, 2022, the fifth installment in the series was made available on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is an updated version of the first game.

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