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The most recent game in the series, GTA 6, was released about ten years ago. It was high time for a fresh entry. GTA VI was already said to be in development, but there was no official word from Rockstar. Rockstar did, however, eventually acknowledge this year that they are developing the game's next version in February.

While there is no official information available, various leaks claimed to have some information on what to anticipate from GTA VI. Other than a few leaks, nothing was solid. Up until yesterday, teapotuberhacker, a user of GTA forums, linked more than 90 gameplay videos that he claimed were from GTA VI.

The game's graphics weren't fantastic, and the gameplay appeared to be an early version of the title. That, though, is to be anticipated from a young build. But it seemed so authentic. It was quite difficult to believe that it wasn't the next GTA because of the buildings, the dynamics, and even the alleged female protagonist. Although many people publicly questioned the authenticity of the leak, it has been established that the disclosures are real.

Jason Schreier, a reporter with Bloomberg, also confirmed the information. However, as of late, even Rockstar Games has acknowledged that the leaked footage was authentic. The videos that were leaked have now been removed from the internet. According to reports, the leaker's whereabouts has also been exposed. Additionally, Rockstar sent a message on Twitter verifying the leak.

Rockstar asserts that the leak won't have an impact on development.

Many people had anticipated that Rockstar would stop the production and postpone the game's development. However, Rockstar assures that nothing of the such will take place and that the work will go as scheduled.

They claimed:

'We are extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all in this way. Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto game will continue as planned and we remain as committed as ever to delivering an experience to you, our players, that truly exceeds your expectations.'

For everyone who was concerned about the future of GTA VI, this is fantastic news. Thankfully, the game's development will continue, and we will soon have an update.

According to earlier leaks, GTA VI would have two protagonists—a brother and a sister. According to reports, the game will transport us back to several locales, including Vice City, Los Santos, and others. Grand Theft Auto 6's conclusion will be impacted by a number of player-based choices made inside the game. However, keep in mind that Rockstar has not disclosed any details regarding the game's setting. More information on the game is available here.

Hopefully, Rockstar will release something soon. Keep checking back for updates on this situation till then.

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