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If you are trying to progress through Red Dead Redemption 2 and got stuck, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will discuss how can you upgrade your Satchel. If both Arthur's and your horse's satchel full, you will know what to do.

First, to open your satchel, you can press and hold the right D-pad and access the menu. Here, you need to be careful to stay away from your horse and other NPCs. If the distance is close enough, you will access different menus.

Red Dead Redemption 2: How to upgrade your Satchel

Second, you can look through the items you have using inventory categories. The game categorizes your inventory automatically. Therefore, you only need to browse through a few headlines to access your items.

Furthermore, you do not only have access to your satchel but also your horse's. To access the horse satchel, you need to press right on D-pad when you are beside your horse or actually riding it. This satchel is suitable for bigger items you have, such as carcasses and pelts.

Now that you know how to use and access satchels, you will wonder how to upgrade it. You need to pay a visit to Mr.Pearson at your camp to upgrade your satchel. To upgrade it, you will need certain items. The list is below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Satchel Upgrades

  • Tonics Satchel – Materials needed: Perfect Deer, Perfect Buck, Perfect Elk
  • Ingredients Satchel – Extra requirement: Donate 5 carcasses to Pearson – Materials needed: Perfect Deer, Perfect Badger, Perfect Squirrel
  • Kit Satchel – Materials needed: Perfect Deer, Perfect Elk, Perfect Panther
  • Provisions Satchel -Extra requirement: Upgrade the Provisions Wagon twice – Materials needed: Perfect Deer, Perfect Bison, Perfect Raccoon
  • Materials Satchel – Extra requirement: Craft 3 recipes at the Scout Fire – Materials needed: Perfect Deer, Perfect Boar, Perfect Iguana
  • Valuables Satchel – Materials needed: Perfect Deer, Perfect Beaver, Perfect Rabbit
  • Legend of the East Satchel – Extra requirement: Craft every other satchel – Materials needed: Perfect Deer, Perfect Cougar, Perfect Wolf

If you want to learn more about Red Dead Redemption 2, do not forget to check our full guide!

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