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If you wonder how NPCs live in a game, let us tell you are not alone. A YouTuber experimented on several NPCs to work out what they do for a living. In addition, he also wondered if they do the same thing or the actions differ or not. Turns out, nearly all of the NPCs have a unique job to do in a town. Furthermore, all of the jobs differ if you go from a small town to a big city. It is surprising to see this kind of attention to detail, but in the end, we are looking at the Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2: How NPCs work

In the video above, we see some of the NPCs getting tracked all day long. Each of the three NPCs has a different day when you consider a 24-hour clock. The first NPC we observe is a farmhand in the game. In most of his time, he farms and just walks around. After farming, he goes into a pub to chill a little bit. We think that this amazingly detailed process demonstrates the era's lifestyle pretty well.

The second NPC we observe is a construction worker who sweats and cleans around properly in a project. In addition, this NPC also goes to the pub after his work is done, demonstrating the similarities. He sleeps in the saloon and wakes up to complete his routine later.

The last NPC we observe in the video wakes up properly in the morning to chop some woods. He fills up buckets of water and just wanders around for a little bit. If you are interested in how some NPCs in the game work, you can watch the video above for yourself to see more.

Overall, if you would like to learn more about Red Dead Redemption 2, you can check our guide here.

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