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From time to time, Red Dead Redemption 2 might seem like a game in which you need to be an outlaw. But, there are a lot of rewards of being a good and honorable person in the West. In this guide, we will go through the Honor System, how does it work, what are the ranks and what are the rewards.

If you manage to be an honorable person, people will value you more at the end. The Honor System is based on the player's actions and it is the reflection of the game. How other characters treat you is dependant on how honorable you are. If they run away from you, stand beside you or just attack you it's all because of your choices.

While playing the game, if you steal and commit crimes a lot, you will lose Honor Rank. If you help other citizens and characters, get into honorable actions and get positive fame, you will rank up in Honor Rank. So, what is Honor Rank and how does it work?

Red Dead Redemption 2: Honor System and Ranks

Red Dead Redemption 2 Honor Rank and Rank Rewards

The Honor Ranking is a scale in the game which tells you how honorable your actions were. You can go as high as +8 and go as low as -8. There are some awards issued to ranks, so you will be able to obtain them too.

  • Honor 7: Half-price discount in all shops.
  • Honor 6: The Deuville, the Drifter, the Dewberry Creek, the Farrier, the Faulkton, and the Gambler outfits are unlocked.
  • Honor 5: 25% off at all shops.
  • Honor 3: The Bulldogger, the Chevalier, the Corson, the Cumberland, the Cowpuncher, the McLaughlin, the Roscoe, and the Valentine outfits are unlocked.
  • Honor 2: 10% off at all shops.
  • Honor 1: Body drop rate is improved. So, when you loot a body you are likely to find tonics, food, and jewelry.
  • Honor -1: Increased drop rate for Dead-Eye tonic, thrown weapons, alcohol, and tobacco.

How can you increase your Honor Rank?

If you want to increase your Honor Rank to get more outfits, then there are some steps to take. First, you need to be an honorable person and do honorable acts. Therefore, we will list them below for you to let you begin from somewhere.

Actions that increase Honor Rank

  • Donation of cash or jewelry to the camp.
  • Surrendering to law enforcement forces instead of fighting back.
  • When dueling, disarming an opponent instead of killing them.
  • Doing camp jobs and businesses.
  • Paying off your bounties at the Post Office.

Actions that decrease Honor Rank

  • Steal horses.
  • Kill farm animals or pets.
  • Holding up shops.
  • Randomly shooting citizens and innocent people.
  • Kill an innocent person or kill a lawman
  • Killing a wild animal seems to be fine, but you have to skin it or stow its pelt.

If you want to learn more about Red Dead Redemption 2, do not forget to check our full guide!

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