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Welcome to the most wide-range Red Dead Redemption 2 guide on the Internet. Throughout our guides, we will cover the best tips and tricks to get the most fun out of the game.

In addition, we will show how certain missions are done and provide tutorials on the game's most confusing parts. The map, weapons, horses and the western style will be here. Therefore, if you want to unlock an achievement you are in the correct place.

Before you start reading our guide, whether if you are a new PC player or a console gamer, spoiler alert given. Our guides will or may include significant spoilers about the game. Below, you will find all the necessary subcategories to go through our guide, so browse it a little (A-Z).

Red Dead Redemption 2 guide: Tips, tricks and more

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

Bounties and Honor System

If you commit enough crime, you will have a bounty on your head. Which means you are in trouble. Check this guide to learn what is Wanted Dead or Alive.

After you commit a crime, lawmen start looking for you. They will not shoot you on sight, but they will not let you go either. Here's how to get rid of your bounty.

If you are an "honorable outlaw", people will treat you better than a criminal. Do you want to be a better person and obtain awards, here's how you do it.


If your inventory is full and you want to store more booze, here is the way. Learn how to upgrade your satchel to increase your inventory size.

Cheats, Easter Eggs, and Bonuses


  • Where to find the best horse
  • How to change horses
  • How to brush your horses


  • Shack locations
  • Trapper location
  • Fence locations
  • Where to find the Whisky Tree
  • Gang Hideouts

Missions and Quests

  • Why do my side missions keep disappearing?
  • Wasted in the West: drunk mission
  • Dreamcatcher quest
  • Legendary Fish
  • How to get Perfect Pelts
  • Where to find animals and what ammo to use for perfect kills
  • How to find the vampire in Red Dead Redemption 2
  • The man in the mirror and the creepy painting

Red Dead Redemption 2 guide: Tips, tricks and more


  • Gold bar glitch in Limpany
  • How to rob trains, open a safe, rob the doctor and more
  • Where to find and sell gold bars
  • How to make money fast

Red Dead Online

  • Red Dead Online guide
  • Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits

Stranger Missions

  • He’s British, Of Course
  • No Good Deed
  • Smoking and Other Hobbies
  • The Iniquities of History
  • The Noblest of Men, and a Woman
  • The Smell of Grease Paint
  • A Bright Bouncing Boy
  • A Fisher of Fish
  • All that glitters
  • American Dreams
  • Arcadia for Amateurs
  • A Test of Faith
  • Fundraiser Strategy

The Scenario

  • How many chapters are in Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Should you kill or spare O’Driscoll?
  • How to get the best ending
  • How to get 100% completion

Red Dead Redemption 2 guide: Tips, tricks and more

Treasure Maps

  • The Strange Statues treasure quest
  • The Jack Hall Gang treasure map
  • The Poisonous Trail treasure map
  • Le Tresor Des Morts treasure maps and locations

Weapons and Gear

  • How to get the best gear and outfits
  • Where to find your lost hat, horse or weapons
  • Talismans and Trinkets guide
  • How to level up Dead-Eye
  • How to upgrade the bow and arrows
  • Legend of the East outfit
  • Viking helmet, comb, and hatchet
  • Morion helmet and ram skull mask
  • Double-action revolver
  • Mining helmet and bone knife
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Pirate sword and tricorn hat
  • Best unique and rare weapons
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