Yazar: Gamer Media, Editör Yazım tarihi: 19.12.2019

Big changes are taking place within the development team of Rainbow Six Siege. The core team will not be working on the game anymore.

Rainbow Six Siege's core development team is leaving to concentrate on other projects, Ubisoft said. Longtime creative director, Xavier Marquis, and marketing director Alexandre Remy are embarking on a new adventure with a few members of the Siege squad.

Since its birth, Marquis and Remy have been Siege's face and helped shed light on the initial vision, turning the game into the phenomenal success it is today. Much of the development team of the game remains unchanged, with game director Leroy Athanassoff still leading their efforts.

The experienced leaders didn't hint at what they were working on, as their next project. However, they said their presence on the team was no longer required for the game's advancement.

“There was a time during which the game was depending heavily on us, during its genesis at the beginning,” said Marquis. “But now the game has an extra piece. It is kind of a sphere, there is the game and its community."

Athanassoff added that the new core team is widening the world of the game and working to build more "inclusive" content and functionality for all players to gain.

“We said it before and we’ll say it again: Rainbow Six Siege is here to stay,” said Craig Robinson, senior community developer. “Leroy and the new core team have learned so much from Alex, Xavier and the rest. Leroy has a vision for the future of Rainbow Six Siege that everyone here in the studio is very excited about.”

It's now time to wait and see what the team that gave us the popular shooter game, Rainbox Six Siege, will offer us next.

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