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Players often criticize PlayStation VR for its design since it significantly limits the movements. A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment provides new information about PlayStation VR 2.

The patent discussed is filed on 12 December 2019, so it is not dusty news. The patent hinds to a wireless information transfer between the device and the recipient. PlayStation VR requires a wired connection to the PlayStation to work, but PlayStation VR 2 may be completely wireless.

PlayStation VR 2 is rumoured to be completely wireless

Even though it is not clear if the patent is for the next VR device or is it just for R&D purposes, it is something to think about. The main purpose of the patent filed on the United States Patent and Trademark Office is to detect if the device is correctly worn by the user or not.

The new Head-Mounted Display of Sony will keep track of user's pupils using ultrasound transducers. We do not want to go through all the technical information here. If you want to learn more about the technical information, visit the official document on USPTO. 

We may not be sure about what the new PlayStation VR is going to look like, but we have an idea. The design on the patent offers the possibility of a wireless VR device. Continuing, the patent itself provides a new solution to a widely-known issue. If Sony manages to make new PlayStation VR futureproof, it will be a lot of steps ahead.

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