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PlayerUnknown Prologue is not a sequel to the famous shooter game, PUBG, and will not be a shooter game at all.

Prologue is Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene's new experimental project. Greene and his team revealed the game with a very brief, very mysterious teaser at The Game Awards last week.

That's because even the developers are not quite sure what it is going to turn into yet. Nevertheless, Greene has told Forbes strongly that the new game is not PUBG 2, and players shouldn't wait for another shooter.

“We set up the studio, and founded it with the goal of experimenting with new technology,” Greene said. Then added “Now we’re taking that first step towards building new technologies, and Prologue is the first step into the new world for us. I wanted the chance to deliver something new on a global scale.”

The 25-person group PUBG Corp. formed in Amsterdam earlier this year will be alongside him. Currently, the group is working on figuring out what kind of tech they will need for the new game. This also shows us that it is too soon to speculate on the new game and what it will offer to players.

Greene wasn't interested in sharing more about the structure of the Prologue. However, he said the game will be a big scale and a difficult experience. He also said that it will allow the players to constantly improve.

“One of my dreams is to create worlds at scale,” Greene said. Adding “Hundreds of kilometres by hundreds of kilometers, with thousands of people, and these are hugely difficult problems to solve.”

“I’ve got some pretty big dreams about what I want to achieve, that I’m not quite ready to achieve. It will require some new tech,” he said.

Considering Greene's aspirations, we can say that it sounds like a very ambitious project. Maybe we can expect a game more focused on survival with elements games like Rust, DayZ and The Forest.

“With a lot of other creators, they’ve been put in a box. I’ve been told go and create, and we’ll support you. It’s so much responsibility, I really don’t want to mess this up. But these opportunities don’t come along very often, you don’t get a chance to launch a global IP every day.” Do these statements show us that Greene has the support for such an ambitious project? I guess we can only wait and see. It is certain that we will witness another groundbreaking game but will it be in 5 years? Or in 10 years? With the accelerating technology development in game development industry, maybe it is sooner than that. Time will show us.

You can watch the reveal teaser of PlayerUnknown Prologue below or here.



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