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There's no denying Microsoft has expanded significantly recently, whether it's thanks to the Game Pass or recent purchases. Xbox recently unveiled a ton of new content for the platforms and the Game Pass at their presentations.

If you believed that Microsoft's most recent partnership with Activision and Blizzard was its last, you are mistaken. According to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, Microsoft will continue to expand and won't stop at its current level.

More Acquisitions for Microsoft

Phil Spencer claimed that they are constantly striving to expand in an interview with CNBC. Corey said:

It’s a highly, highly competitive market. We strive to be a major player here. We want to deliver great content for our players and we’re going to remain active, whether that’s investing in our internal teams that are already building great games that people know and love, whether it’s building new partnerships.

Spencer continued by stating that despite Sony being a larger company than Microsoft, they continue to make investments. The largest company in the gaming sector, Tencent, also makes significant investments.

Microsoft just announced that they are finally the largest shareholder in the Asian market during their TGS showcase. Nintendo and Sony once controlled the market. Given how enthusiastic Microsoft is about the Activision transaction, they can only move forward from here.

No Price Hike on Xbox Consoles

Businesses haven't had a good few years. To enhance revenues, Sony raised the price of the PlayStation 5 in some regions of the world. Although everyone anticipated Microsoft to follow suit, that won't happen.

When asked about price increases in the CNBC interview, Spencer said that, given the current status of the world economy, boosting the price of Xbox systems is not the best course of action for customers.

At the TGS, Microsoft also unveiled a ton of new products and games. On Xbox Game Pass, many brand-new titles are scheduled for day-one release. Given the excellent value of Game Pass and the fact that Xbox is now far less expensive than the PlayStation 5, many gamers may feel intimidated.

Microsoft has made numerous updates to Xbox. The boot speed has improved in recent releases. A new Dashboard panel that offers consumers ease of access is also being tested. Overall, Microsoft's future is promising.

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