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News by: Staff, Editor Published on: 06.07.2022

This article made us realize how fast the time passes. It feels like yesterday when we first heard about the Swedish YouTube superstar PewDiePie, playing horror games. We can see that’s he’s getting older just like the rest of us. The last decade has been very generous to the YouTube sensation, and rightly so. But we can hear you ask, how much exactly? There is no definite answer but we will try to figure it out.

Considering the fact that PewDiePie is making most of his income from YouTube, one might think it’s easy to calculate his net worth, but unfortunately it’s not like that.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of PewDiePie?

Quick scracth on the surface shows that PewDiePie has been making around 9 to 16 million USD ever since he became the most popular YouTuber ever back in 2013. We have two factor to consider with these numbers. First, this number is before taxes. Second, income does not mean net worth. So average 12 million USD a year for 7-8 years gets us somewhere in the realms of 80-100 million USD.

Most experts are estimating his net worth around $40 Million USD. To be honest, this number has a potential to be off a bit big margin. We hear you ask, how can anyone know that? Of course by aking PewDiePie himself.

When you watch the reaction of him after seeing the $40 million, we can positively assume that the real number is at least 40-60% more than that. We don’t know if we can go over than that but still $60-65 million USD is very impressive for someone who started this legacy by playing games. To sum up, his reaction shows his net worth is more than $40 million USD.

No matter what the real number is, Swedish YouTuber will continue to bring joy to our screens. Until next time…

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