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The franchise has flourished with the 1996 publication of the Shin Megami Tensei spin-off Revelations: Persona. Persona 5 Royal, a retold and boosted version of Persona 5, was the most recent mainline entry. And they've combined sold over 5 million copies globally. It's reasonable for demand for Persona 6 to soar after such an acclaimed addition to the series.

But P-Studio, or more particularly, its parent company Atlus, has remained silent on the subject. Even though there hasn't been any news about Persona 6, you should keep an eye out in October. That's partly because the aforementioned event takes place in the same location where Persona 5 was first indicated. As you may have guessed, information about Persona 6 is limited, but let's go over what we know thus far.

Persona 6 release date

There hasn't been any confirmation of a release date for Persona 6, however Atlus may reveal their new JRPG in October 2022. While there hasn't been much news about Persona 6, corporate executives have provided rays of hope.

"We're working on a mid-to-long-term plan, including future numbered entries, so that fans can keep enjoying the Persona series."

This was stated by Atlus representatives in 2019 when they discussed the franchise's future.

Persona 5 went into production in 2011 and spent the following five years in development until being released in 2016.

Given how long the previous entry took to produce, the sequel for the PS5 will most likely be released in late 2024. But for the time being, let us simply wait and see what October has in store.

Persona 6 rumors

Sure, there have been a lot of hopeful rumors about Persona 6 over the years. But they turned out to be little more than hearsay in the end. One in particular suggested that Atlus will unveil the game in October 2022, so we'll have to wait and see.

Another intriguing aspect of the forthcoming Persona game will be its release platform. The previous three mainline titles, Persona 3, 4, and 5, were all exclusive to PlayStation systems. As a result, the sequel is likely to be exclusive to the PlayStation 5. However, there is still optimism because an unexpected news was made early this year.

Finally, the developers have consented to release it on other platforms. As part of Atlus' 25th anniversary Persona celebration, all three games will be ported to Windows and Xbox. Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal Remastered will only be available on the Nintendo Switch.

Yes, you read that correctly. A remastered edition of Persona 5 Royal is on the way. Despite the fact that the Royal edition is already a revised version of the original game, with the franchise finally expanding to various platforms, Persona 6 could be released on all gaming systems.

Who will be the Protagonist in Persona 6?

Persona games have typically favored male protagonists, however there have been a few exceptions. A well-written female lead would be a welcome change of pace.

When asked about this, the director, Katsura Hashino, said: "This question always comes up at the very beginning of the production of a new Persona game."

Though a female protagonist hasn't been the Persona franchise's main draw, it may be time for a new perspective. That's all there is to it for Persona 6 news. October is just around the corner, so we'll let you know if anything significant happens.

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