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Finally, the day for which we have all been anxiously waiting has arrived. Ahead of the eagerly anticipated debut of Overwatch 2, Blizzard is permanently shutting down the Overwatch servers, the game goes offline, and the internet is farewelling this ground-breaking hero shooter with memes and other tributes. We've combed through the #SeeYouOnTheOtherSide hashtag to find out what everyone has been talking about while they wait for the Overwatch 2 release date, whether you're still trying to figure out how to download Overwatch 2 on console and PC or not.

A surprising number of the voice actors who will be returning to voice the characters in Overwatch 2 have flocked to Twitter to express their opinions on what is a significant development for the game.

VA Pharah Jen Cohn tweeted a screenshot of an email informing her that she had been cast in Overwatch, despite comically having no recollection of having taken the part's audition. Likewise, Mercy VA Lucie Pohl posted a behind-the-scenes photo of herself beginning her first Overwatch recording session along with the touching statement that "heroes never die" and that she "had no idea how much Mercy would impact [her] life."

Additionally, with thanks and optimism for the series' future, Zenyatta VA Feodor Chin posted a nice photo of himself with Symmetra VA Anjali Bhimani, Sombra VA Carolina Ravassa, Lucio VA Jonny Cruz, Echo VA Jeannie Bolet, and Cole Cassidy VA Matt Mercer. Additionally, Bhimani posted additional images from the picture shoot, saying that "this family is the best."

Cara Theobold, a Tracer VA, also posted an intriguing picture with a message of support for "Team Overwatch." The actress shared a snapshot from her first Blizzcon in 2016, where she couldn't bring herself to inform a Tracer cosplayer that she was the game character when she asked for a picture. Additionally, Roadhog VA Josh Petersdorf provided a photo of himself, Reinhardt VA Darin De Paul, and Mercer from same 2016 Blizzcon.

Overwatch servers are going offline

end of an era from Overwatch

However, it hasn't only been Overwatch 2 voice actors who have expressed their admiration for the first shooter and enthusiasm for the future.

One of the best competitive FPS games ever, Overwatch, was created by outstanding individuals including Overwatch League (OWL) president Sean Miller, concept artist Andrew Menjivar, esports host Soe Gschwind, and OWL broadcaster Harry 'Legday' Pollit. Here, they discuss what the hero shooter means to them.

I met the love of my life through Overwatch. Countless hours of pocketing his overextending Reinhardt. A new chapter starts tomorrow! from Overwatch

Overwatch servers going offline made a lot of people sad

In addition, professional Overwatch players and content creators like Lane 'Surefor' Roberts and Becca 'Aspen' Rukavina are joining the discussion to share their love for the game and their fondest Overwatch memories.

It would be an understatement, according to "AnneMunition," to claim that "[Overwatch] has been a significant part of [her] life and instrumental in many of the most incredible experiences and opportunities of [her] career." The average Jonas Online, Jonas' Navarsete has also discussed how important it was to him to represent Norway in the Overwatch World Cup.

My lobby thought it would be cool to take a photo together for the end of OW1 🙁 from Overwatch

Of course, all of this is merely the beginning of the avalanche of people sharing their memories (and slick gameplay video) of Overwatch under the hashtag "SeeYouOnTheOtherSide" and elsewhere, on websites like Reddit, in front of Overwatch 2.

It's obvious that Overwatch has had a significant impact on every aspect of the gaming business, regardless of whether you're an active player or not. Without a question, it's one of the best games of the past ten years. It invented the hero shooter genre, established itself as a titan in esports, and helped pave the road for well-known FPS titles like Valorant. Regardless of whether you play competitively or just occasionally, Overwatch was unique, and we're excited to see where the road leads. Let's play Overwatch 2!

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