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The Overwatch 2 battle pass has been introduced by Blizzard and will be accessible from the start of the game and updated each season. Blizzard then went on to describe what we can anticipate from each season in addition to revealing the battle pass in June 2022.

Because the developer wants Overwatch 2 to be a constantly changing, dynamic game, it is unlikely that aspects like the Battle Pass and how microtransactions operate will change significantly from how they are when the game first releases. However, as each new season is released every nine weeks, we should ideally see prizes change and grow.

A list of the contents of the game's battle pass is provided below. We also discuss the distinctions between the free and premium tracks of it as well as how you can anticipate ranking it up.

Overwatch 2 battle pass

Blizzard has stated that the battle pass for Overwatch 2 will have 80 tiers of content for the game's cast of heroes. The battle pass is available in both free and paid versions. These battle pass tiers each include one prize and a small number of free items, with the majority locked behind the premium battle pass.

Skins, emblems, voice lines, weapon charms, as well as character emotes and postures are among the benefits offered by this battle pass. Additionally, you can obtain goods and XP bonuses.

The game's battle pass will rank up by completing weekly tasks rather than just collecting XP, therefore you may need to check in frequently to complete daily and weekly challenges. Additionally, you can team up to receive a 20% match XP bonus.

10 dollars are equal to 1000 Overwatch Coins, the price of the Premium Battle Pass. Additionally, if you buy the premium battle pass after you've started leveling up the free one, you'll instantly receive all the previous rank unlocks up to the point in the track where you are.

Overwatch 2 battle pass – how it works, tiers, rewards

Each season's Battle Pass will be accessible for nine weeks, which corresponds to the length of each season. However, you won't be able to continue ranking up a prior season's battle pass once the game switches to a new season. Therefore, if you want to claim some of the top benefits, you must maximize those nine weeks.

You may start unlocking all the heroes in Overwatch 2 or choosing your new main character after you understand how the game's battle pass functions.

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