Yazar: Staff, Editör Yazım tarihi: 29.07.2022

Through a new report by Colin Moriarty we get to find out the first details about the next Tomb Raider game in development at Crystal Dynamics and Embracer. The information is related to the setting and Lara Croft.

According to the information, the game's codename is Project Jawbreaker. The next Tomb Raider will have a realistic setting, a serious tone but will include some fantastical elements.

This version of Lara Croft is more experienced, with many years of adventures under her belt. She sets her sights on "protecting the artifacts" she has recovered. There will no longer be the drama of her family, but the woman struggles with loneliness. Lara's adventures are so famous, in the game world, that the media are familiar with them, and this has prompted the emergence of more "Tomb Raiders": the woman will have a kind of team to lead, which will help her in the face of some mysterious cataclysm.

As always, we remind you that what is indicated is only a rumor. Moriarty claims to have received a tentative script used by some actors who are applying for some roles in the new Tomb Raider game. Of course, what is reported may be incorrect, but Moriarty is a known source.

The possibility remains, however, that some of the information will become outdated, due to possible changes in plans by the developers.

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