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Even though the new Batman game is being hinted all the time, there is no announcement on sight. Warner Bros. Montreal once again teased the game by sharing a couple of pictures on its social media accounts. The pictures may not make sense on their own, but once you bring them together, you get something.

New Batman game is teased by Warner Bros. Montreal

While the image itself does not tell much about the possible game, the caption is "Capture the Knight". Therefore, some relations between the caption and the game can be expected. We cannot draw a conclusion from these posts, but the community will certainly figure some things out until the game is announced.

This is not the first time the new Batman game is being teased. But, this time Warner Bros. Montreal chose to share three different pictures from its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. When you bring all of them together, you come out with the banner above.

The most possible theory for the game is that we are looking forward to a Court of Owls adaptation. This was previously teased by a team member, but still yet to be confirmed. The logo above features owl foot, therefore this makes the claim even stronger. Please do not hesitate to share your ideas with us.

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