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It's been a difficult decade for Need For Speed. The franchise is now back in Criterion's hands, and they're getting ready to reveal more about the game before the release of Need for Speed Unbound after a number of reboots and games that didn't exactly feel like they gave fans what they wanted.

Need For Speed Unbound is expected to be a significant departure from previous iterations. According to reports, the game will include a lot of new visual effects that will spice up your ride as you race, leap, and turn. The game will also emphasize modern systems and how to maximize their capabilities.

Check out everything we know about Need For Speed Unbound before it launches to see what Criterion has released and what has already leaked.

Need For Speed Unbound release date

According to reports, December 2, 2022 will mark the release of Need for Speed Unbound. This date was published by Insider Gaming along with the information that the game's reveal was slated for October.

Along with the information about the release date, the game's only platforms will be the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It has long been known that neither PS4 or Xbox One versions are in the works.

Need For Speed Unbound gameplay

The gameplay in Need For Speed Unbound will follow a similar pattern to what you could anticipate from the most recent titles. But whether drifting, driving, or moving quickly, things have been spiced up with new visual effects including smoke, wind, fire effects, wings, and more.

The screen turning red when the player crashed was another feature of the game's leaked gameplay that gave it a radically different visual identity from previous examples.

Need For Speed Unbound leaks

In addition to gameplay videos, the Need for Speed Unbound logo has also been revealed. This logo, to which we won't provide a URL, features the word "Unbound" written in green spray paint next to the Need for Speed emblem.

This ties in with what we've seen from the game and the animated car effects that resemble cartoon drawings. Therefore, we might envision the game's attitude and environment as being concentrated on city streets and back alleys, giving it a grungier, more natural appearance than the brilliant lights and skylines loaded with skyscrapers in Need for Speed Heat.

However, until we have a definitive understanding of the game's appearance, this is only our speculation. With all that knowledge, whether it pertains to gameplay, new features, or leaks, you should be able to get ready for the game's impending announcement. The Need for Speed Unbound release date is scheduled for this year, so you may look forward to that!

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