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Although server upkeep is never enjoyable, it is an essential component of game development. This is also true of MultiVersus, which may occasionally go down in order to patch and update the live game. It can be sad to not be able to play one of the best fighting games during this period. However, this post will act as a central location for information on Multiversus server maintenance and server outages, letting you know when the next planned downtime is scheduled to occur.

With any luck, MultiVersus server maintenance won't be a major problem, and game downtime will be minimal when new patches are rolled out over the following months.

Therefore, read on below to find out the most recent information regarding MultiVersus server maintenance and to find out if the servers are down for any unforeseen causes. When we learn about plans from Player First Games, the dates of any impending planned maintenance intervals will also be listed below.

When are the Multiverses Servers down Next?

At this time, there is no maintenance occurring on the MultiVersus servers. We also don't know when they'll be offline again.

You won't lose out on anything, so don't worry. As soon as the maintenance window is through and Player First Games opens to the public, you may log back in and resume playing. When the servers finally start up again, though, this will probably be staggered, so you will need to keep trying to log in.

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