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After Morty, Rick will join Player First Games' brawler and is expected to bring some fresh ideas and a diverse moveset to the game's gameplay. But you'll want to know how he plays and what to anticipate from him if you're seeking for a summary of him in MultiVersus, including the MultiVersus Rick release date.

As he specializes in a combination of close-range and long-range hits, Rick is going to draw on his experience traveling the world from the show and bring a number of fascinating skills and attacks with him. However, it doesn't follow that he won't be a memorable character when it comes to placing him on our list of Multiversus tier characters.

But before you start playing Rick, make sure you read the remainder of this article to learn everything there is to know about him. We will discuss the release date for MultiVersus Rick as well as his class and gameplay when you get your hands on him.

MultiVersus Rick release date

There is no set date for the introduction of Rick in MultiVersus, although it will happen sometime in Season 1. He might appear later in the season because he wasn't the second character to appear in Season 1 as originally believed.

Given that Gizmo was unexpectedly added to the roster in early September, it is difficult to predict when Rick will join; nonetheless, we predict that he will most likely do so around October.

Everyone will be able to purchase him, either with a character ticket or for 2,000 Gold.

MultiVersus Rick Class

Rick will join MultiVersus as a Mage class. By being only the third Mage in the game, he will perfectly round out that cast of characters.

Although we are unsure of the attacks he will be able to utilize as a mage, you can anticipate him to use a variety of weapons and equipment to dispatch of his foes.

MultiVersus Rick Gameplay

Rick's MultiVersus gaming has not yet been demonstrated. It will probably be made public a week or so before his scheduled release.

We will update this story as soon as we obtain access to the trailer or gameplay. You now know everything there is to know about Rick, including when MultiVersus Rick will be released.

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