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The latest entry to the motorbike racing series MotoGP will be released as soon as two months. The developer of the game, Milestone, announced that the game will also be released for PC platform. MotoGP 20 will let players participate in the 2020 season of the MotoGP.

In the game, players will be able to participate professional motorbike racing just like all the previous entries. In addition, they will have the chance to be a young racer. You can develop your career as you race and as your skills develop. Furthermore, we should note that the game includes all official MotoGP 20 features.

Therefore, you will be able to enjoy all of the official sponsors and brands which participate in the original racing event. Below, you can find some key features of the game.

MotoGP 20 Key Features

  • A renowned historical mode. One of the communities favorite game modes will be back in a brand-new format. This mode will have full races randomly generated that players need to win to unlock and collect the most iconic riders and bikes.
  • Neural AI goes 2.0. What many thought was utopic, became a reality. Last year A.N.N.A. (an acronym for Artificial Neural Network Agent) brought a more fast, natural and fair AI. This year Milestone developers further enhanced its capabilities, to allow her to strategically manage tire and fuel consumption.
  • New Editors. Together with Stickers, Helmets, Racing Numbers and Lower-back patches, in MotoGP 20 players will be able also to customize bikes’ liveries of their Custom Team, to race on track with a unique style.
  • The best online experience. Dedicated Servers for the Multiplayer mode have continued to enable a more reliable and fun online experience. Now we added quality of life improvements that will further enhance online gameplay in all modes. These modes are: Public Matches, Private Matches and Race Director Mode.
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