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If you have a proper setup for it, the M4 has already established itself as one of the most dependable weapons in Modern Warfare 2. This post will give you the ideal Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout, along with advice on the best class setups and attachments to complete out your equipment.

The M4 can hold its own both from a distance and up close and is one of the simpler weapons in Modern Warfare 2 to use. Its hip fire accuracy and recoil, however, are two flaws that keep it from being excellent right out of the box.

However, this guide's recommended Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout will address that. Continue reading for advice on using perks, equipping lethals and tacticals, and, of course, that crucial field upgrade.

Modern Warfare 2 M4 best loadout

The M4 is a dependable and trustworthy assault rifle, so while creating your weapon, you should choose attachments that keep it on target without offering many drawbacks. Our recommended Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout is:

  • Receiver: M4
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot
  • Stock: Demo Fade Pro Stock
  • Rear Grip: XTEN Grip
  • Laser: 4MW Laser Box
  • Barrel: Tempus Hightower 20″ Barrel
  • Muzzle: None
  • Underbarrel: None
  • Ammunition: None
  • Magazine: None

The best M4 attachments at the moment concentrate on improving the recoil control, which can be a little difficult without such safeguards. The Tempus Hightower 20′′ Barrel, which significantly increases bullet velocity, damage range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy, forms the basis of this loadout for the M4. The M4 becomes a very potent AR thanks to all of these stat boosts.

Our second addition, the 4MW Laser Box, improves hip fire accuracy and recoil control so you can be quick to move and respond to any attackers. Due of this, the weapon's hip fire is extremely potent when used up close. Additionally, it cancels out the barrel choice's negative effects on hip fire accuracy and hip recoil control.

With the M4, you'll also want an optic because using the difficult-to-use iron sights while dealing with the gun's recoil is not fun. Therefore, you should merely choose the Cronen Mini Red Dot.

Next, we advise using the Demo Fade Pro Stock, which will give your sprint and aim walking speeds some much-needed increases. You need to be able to jump shot and respond swiftly to surprises and foes that burst out of cover or are hidden in a corner, therefore this is crucial for the weapon in your loadout. The XTEN Grip will also give you a little speed boost for sprinting to fire and aiming down sight. Your recoil control does decrease, but only slightly, making the difference unnoticeable.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 M4 Loadout: The M4's Gunsmith loadout screen can be seen

Modern Warfare 2 M4 best loadout secondary weapon

The X12 is now in the beta the ideal secondary weapon for the Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout.

This is a straightforward handgun that is excellent at its intended use as a backup. There aren't many options at the moment, but the X12 is superior to the other beta-only automatic pistol.

Modern Warfare 2 M4 best loadout perks and equipment

Base, bonus, and ultimate perks that go well with the attachments and loadout you have created for your gun should be included when choosing your perks. For base perks, we advise Double Time to improve your M4 and E.O.D. run-and-gun capabilities.

E.O.D is very effective in the beta at the moment because explosives deliver a lot of flinch damage and general damage; as a result, this will keep you on target when grenades approach your line of sight. For the additional perk, use Fast Hands to increase the weapon's reload speed, which is currently a tad too slow in our opinion. As a result, you'll keep your gun drawn more frequently and prevent being caught off guard.

Finally, Ghost, which is still as powerful as it always has been, is what you desire for the ultimate bonus. even if the bonus doesn't appear until much later in the game.

To disorient your foes and catch them off guard, either up close or from a distance, equip a stun grenade for tactical purposes, and carry a Semtex as a backup grenade. Finally, we advise you to activate the Battle Rage field improvement, which will temporarily improve your sprint and keep your health regenerating so you can continue to survive combat.

The finest M4 loadout for Modern Warfare 2 with the best attachments and class setup options is shown below. With this loadout, you should be able to call in some of the higher killstreaks available in Modern Warfare 2 and go on some lengthy killing sprees.

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