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You can utilize a variety of various weapons and weaponry in Modern Warfare 2. However, you can examine your weapon in-game to get a better look at them. And in this manual, we'll demonstrate how to check your pistol or weapon in Modern Warfare 2.

So's not difficult to check your weapon, but you shouldn't do it frequently because doing so will render you fully defenseless and prevent you from firing. Therefore, you should only do it at the start of a game or when you are certain that you are secure.

To learn how to check your weapon or gun in Modern Warfare 2, read the information below.

Modern Warfare 2 how to inspect your weapon or gun

Simply hold down the left arrow on the d-pad in Modern Warfare 2 to inspect your weapon or firearm. The animation will start playing as a result. You must press the "I" key if you are using a mouse and keyboard or a PC.

You'll be able to see your blueprint or weapon vault in all its splendor if you do this. Or perhaps you simply desire a stylish clip before killing someone.

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