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In MW 2, the Side Impact blueprint is one of the unique beta awards. But since it's unclear exactly what you need to accomplish, you might be asking how to obtain and utilize the Side Impact blueprint in Modern Warfare 2.

Well, thankfully, finding it through the menus isn't that difficult. But this post will provide those solutions and outline exactly what you must do.

Therefore, continue reading to learn where to discover and how to use the Side Impact blueprint in MW 2.

Modern Warfare 2 how to get and use the Side Impact blueprint

In MW 2, all you have to do to obtain and use the Side Impact Blueprint is put the X13 Auto in your secondary slot, go to the armory, and choose the blueprint.

However, in order to utilize the weapon in the official release of MW 2, you must have progressed to rank 15 in the beta. There is no other method to obtain it.

The weapon comes with a variety of pre-built attachments and is considerably more dependable and powerful than the base model. However, if you want to, you can further customize it.

You now know how to obtain and utilize the Side Impact Blueprint in MW 2. Check out our recommendations on the finest perks in the game and the best Modern Warfare 2 weaponry for additional advice on creating fantastic loadouts.

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