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It's once again that time of year. We're all rushing to learn the most recent facts to gain an advantage over the competition, such what the best Perks in Modern Warfare 2 are, as Activision has just revealed their upcoming Call of Duty game as Modern Warfare 2. Our Modern Warfare 2 top Perks guide filters out the average or passable Perks and compiles all the finest gameplay options available.

You can find the Perks you should employ below to increase the potency of your loadout.

Modern Warfare 2 best Perks

The best Perks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 are:

  • Overkill
  • Resupply
  • Scavenger
  • Fast Hands
  • Focus
  • Ghost

Overkill – Base Perk

You are allowed to carry two main weapons thanks to overkill. This implies that you can now pull out another assault rifle instead of switching to a little handgun when you run out of ammunition. This is especially useful for snipers, who can switch to a primary that is fully equipped when the action gets too near.

Resupply – Base Perk

The Resupply Perk is straightforward yet excellent. You can spawn into the game each time with one extra Lethal. While we do not support grenade spam, we also do not deny that it can be a useful tactic for gaining kills and lengthening your kill streak.

This works well on close-quarters maps as an extra Lethal can kill a number of enemies as they crowd into narrow spaces and squeeze through doors.

Scavenger – Base Perk

You should definitely use Scavenger because it allows you to constantly reload your ammo while on a map and taking out foes. You need only take it from their decomposing remains to be ready to depart.

It is one of the better base-tier perks available, therefore you should have it equipped if you intend to go on prolonged kill streaks.

Fast Hands – bonus perk

The main goals of Fast Hands are quick weapon reloads and quick weapon switching. As a result, it truly is a fantastic added benefit.

This perk is one you should have if you intend to have lengthy kill streaks and play close-quarters.

Focus – Bonus Perk

One of the strongest Call of Duty perks ever, Focus has been in and out of the meta over the years. But in this case, it is quite helpful, especially given how powerful Modern Warfare 2's flinch is.

Therefore, include this in your loadout if you want to stay on target or are using a sniper and need additional "Hold Breath" duration.

Ghost – Ultimate Perk

Ghost is comparable to Cold Blooded but enhances invisibility. You become invisible to UAVs, portable radars, and heartbeat sensors when using Ghost.

This makes it the ideal response to opposing kill streak packages since you can catch your opponents off guard as they begin to scout and look at their minimaps to find your team.

The best Modern Warfare 2 benefits are those. Why not read our guide on the Modern Warfare 2 vehicles to learn more about the most recent Call of Duty game and discover what you can drive? If you prefer, you can view all the available gun attachments by consulting our guide on weapon customization.

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