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Masayasu Ito, executive vice president and deputy director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, will retire in one month. Sony officially announced Ito's resignation from his position with effect from October 1 in a brief statement.

Lin Tao, who was already acting as director, will now be the representative director and executive vice president. The position of director will also go to Kiichiro Urata, who is now the SVP Head of Japan Asia Partner Development & Relations. According to Bloomberg, the 60-year-plan old's to retire is what prompted his resignation.

Ito joined Sony in 1986 and transferred to Sony Computer Entertainment's game division in 2000, where he was in charge of designing the PlayStation platform's hardware. Ito was initially in charge of designing PS2 peripherals and LCD monitors for the PS1, but while the PSP was being developed, Ito was given the responsibility of designing the portable.

Ito later created the PS3's hardware, as well as the PS4's hardware and system software. Ito provided an explanation for why the DualShock/DualSense controller's basic design has not altered since the first DualShock was introduced for the PS1 in a 2019 interview with Famitsu.

We tried various things, but ultimately we returned to this shape, Ito stated. "We repeatedly return to the statement that "This form is the easiest to utilize."

"I don't believe that the form needs to be changed forcibly. Of course, it's okay if a more user-friendly form appears.

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