Yazar: Yaşar Baturalp Artar, Editör Yazım tarihi: 14.01.2020

Marvel’s Avengers, a highly-anticipated superhero action game, was set to release in May. Developer Crystal Dynamics announced that the game will not make it to the set release date. The announcement also sets a new release date for the game, 4 September 2020.

The developer underlines that their mission is to deliver a great story-driven campaign and compelling content. To fulfill this mission, they think it is suitable to delay the release of the game. Crystal Dynamics states that they will use the additional development time to polish the game fully.

Although the Avengers game was promising from the beginning, it was known that the process could be rough. Even when announcing the game, Crystal Dynamics was not completely sure of the features of the game. This announcement counts as the second delayed Square Enix game today.

We hope that additional development time proves worthy and Crystal Dynamics manages to deliver a breathtaking Avengers game. Marvel's Avengers, developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix, will now release on 4 September 2020. If you would like to learn more about the release dates of the games which are set to release in 2020, you can have a look at our story.

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