Yazar: Staff, Editör Yazım tarihi: 03.07.2022

To our knowledge, the new unoffical Pc port of the Legend of Zelda is going to be released on 1st of April. The name of the Project is Ship of Harkinian. Although this is not the only Pc port of Legend of Zelda title Ocarina of Time that is available. This classic Zelda game's first unofficial Pc Port is now accessible by the players. The name of this port is "Open Ocarina".

The name of the Open Ocarina's developers is Harbour Masters. Developers made this unoffical port available on their Discord servers on 22nd of March. The team stated in Februrary "Currently assets are statically linked, however this is just until we get the game sorted. Once its stable, we will switch to an external asset loader. Stability, 60 FPS, and external asset loading are the top priorities."

It is really exciting to be able to play this title on PC but we have to say that not everything is perfect at the moment. For example, during the intro you might hear some audio static in the background. You can also face some audio errors during the game as well. However, we can still play the whole title from the start to the finish.

The develepors are also stating that they are working on adding text-to-speech support, dual stick camera controls, audio/texture packs and 60fps visuals. These claims make us even more excited about the experience.

Is That All?

Nope. Develepors also shared another news that will make us happy.  They are going to do a Pc port of Majora's Mask after  they fully reverse engineered the game's code.

You can get Open Ocarina from here. Please be aware that this does not include any game assets an because of this you will have to use Visual Studio 2019+ to be able to get an executable build. Additionally, you have to own the game and create a ROM so that you can use the game's assets.

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