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Nowadays, it has become very easy to find really fast SSDs in the market. Among the SSD models, each of which is faster than the other, choosing the fastest and best quality has become increasingly difficult. This time, we are with you with a review article in which we will tell you about the KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD model. So fast and high quality SSD We will try to answer questions such as what is the status of the models, what does it offer and is it worth buying? In our KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD review article, we will reach a conclusion by talking about the necessary details as much as possible.

What are the features of KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD?

We wanted to start our KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD review article directly with what this model offers. KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD model also has a 1TB model, so you can choose it according to your needs. It would not be wrong to say that this model is fast, with 7300 MB/s reading and 6400 MB/s writing speeds.

To elaborate further, it has 800,000 IOPS reading and 1,300,000 IOPS writing values. At the same time, BiCS also includes the FLASH feature. This model, offered to us with NVMe 1.4 technology, is introduced to us as M.2 2280. It is PCIe Gen4 x4 compatible and prepared as 400TBW for 1TB and 800 TBW for 2TB with an MTTF value of 1.5 hours.

When we look at its features from the side, it is possible to see that we are greeted by a really fast model. In particular, reading and writing speeds, which are important for us gamers, affect our gaming experience very well by further shortening the delays and loading times experienced in games. When this is the case, KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe models offer opportunities that can be like medicine for us.

KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD closer look

The KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD model, which comes to us in a box that we can call small, explains briefly on the box what this part offers to its user. Even though they disappear after inserting them into the case, this KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD model has a structure that we can call really stylish.

Exceria uses the latest BiCS TLC 3D Flash memory. If we look at the parts on it, we can say that it is possible to see the same model with 4TB of space in the future. We should also point out that the part works between 0 and 85 degrees and can be stored between -40 and 85 degrees.

Like many users, we formatted the KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD model as NTFS. While doing this, we did not use the quick format feature. Because there is a possibility that it may affect performance. Now that we've touched on all of this, it's time to move on to the test results.

How is the performance of KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD?

Before moving on to the conclusion of our KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD review article, it is of course impossible not to show the performance. In order to show performance, we brought together the results of some programs. You can find Anvil's Storage Utilities, AS SSD Benchmark, ATTO Benchmark and CrystalDiskMark test results below.

Anvil's Storage Utilities:

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AS SSD Benchmark:

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ATTO Benchmark:

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How is the KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD in general?

If we also consider the performance data and features, it can be stated as much more than a standard user's needs. However, loading times and delays, which I can say are really important for us gamers, are no longer a nuisance, thanks to the KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD model. Of course, it will provide good performance not only for gamers, but also for users such as video content creators, architects, 3D artists.

Thanks to its 1TB and 2TB options, it can be preferred by content producers. It will provide a great opportunity to open and perform operations on large amounts and sizes of files very quickly. After all, if you're making money from this, time is money. Faster means more work and better.

Especially those who play online games players It will be life saving for you. Loading screens already go by extremely quickly, thanks to this piece. In addition, if a problem occurs during the installation and the computer needs to be restarted, it is possible to do this extremely quickly. Of course, this doesn't just apply to games. The update speed of the computer also suffers from this situation.

What is the KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD review result?

We talked about the KIOXIA Exceria Pro NVMe 2TB M.2 SSD model a lot throughout our review article, but the real question is, is it worth buying? If you are a standard user, it can be said that there is no need. But if you are a gamer or your work is on PC and you need to be fast, we can definitely recommend it in terms of speed.

Gönül would like to recommend it to everyone, but unfortunately the price tags are a bit sad. This being the case, we can only recommend it for users who need speed. Because, when we look at the price tags, at the time we were preparing this article 6.700 TL We encounter quantities around 100,000 and these prices are the amounts that only the users who need it should be able to handle.

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