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A game system is not something you would connect with an international fast-food corporation, but the KFC console is an industry first. You may have heard tales or seen memes on social media, and while most dismissed it as a public relations scam to sell more chicken, it is truly a real gaming device!

Following repeated delays, KFC is preparing to debut its new recipe. While many assumed the fast-food company would simply rename an old platform, it turns out the ace up its hand is the patented chicken chamber. In retrospect, everything makes sense. And now it's time to find out what lies beneath the mighty KFC game console chassis.

Is The KFC Console Real? 

Gaming consoles are still in development. Engineers are continuously fine-tuning features, simplifying graphics, and increasing processing power. The decades-long feud between business titans Microsoft and Sony is proof of this. And, while both companies have made great progress with their platforms, the console war may be coming to an end soon!

Back in 2020, various outlets began reporting that KFC would be joining the gaming business with its own system. The announcement, as expected, caused a lot of confusion among gamers, and others mistook it for a meme. KFC representatives, on the other hand, were unafraid to acknowledge that their proposal will be realized shortly.

It's not surprising that, in this day and age of fake news, the original KFC press release announcing the forthcoming release of the console was dismissed. Although Kentucky Fried Chicken endorsed the new product with a video presentation, most saw it as a marketing ploy to increase brand publicity.

People were perplexed that a major fast-food corporation would seriously consider entering a new unrelated business. In a boardroom meeting, the idea of a console would have appeared thrilling. However, there are significant distinctions between developing an idea and engineering and producing a complicated gaming gadget.

Partnership With Cooler Master

It was once a running gag that when Colonel Sanders gave the command, the troops had to march to the melody. But the laughs slowed down when it was revealed that KFC is not going into the new company alone, but is collaborating with Asian hardware giant Cooler Master.

The Taiwanese company has been creating and producing game components for almost three decades. Cooler Master's résumé demonstrates that it is a global supplier and was not chosen at random by KFC.

Has KFC Made Another Console? 

Things that appear unusual at first glance become clearer when you rewind and look at the company's previous initiatives. Although KFC is famed for its delicious chicken, the corporate logo has found a home on a variety of gaming devices. A customized Xbox controller was released several years ago by the firm. It was well-received and sparked the creation of a few new goods, including the fried chicken mouse, keyboard, and even a USB stick.

The takeaway box that doubled as a Bluetooth controller and a smartphone dock for active gamers demonstrated KFC's growing ambition. It also supported a few games as well as the virtual reality experience 'The Hard Way: A KFC Virtual Training Escape Room.'
Based on the inventory of gaming equipment emblazoned with the company's branding, a console appears to be the next obvious step.

Based on the inventory of gaming equipment emblazoned with the company's branding, a console appears to be the next obvious step.

What Does The Chicken Chamber Do?

Gaming console manufacturers aim for a sleek design, however the KFC device is relatively hefty. The team appears to have chosen on bucket-style housing, and there is a rationale behind the design. You would believe the goal was to make the console look like a chicken bucket, but it goes much further than that. It is, in fact, a chicken bucket and a game console.

Most gaming platforms generate a lot of heat, and the developers behind the KFC console discovered a way to capture that energy. The unique chicken chamber is a compartment within the housing that stores appetizers that stay warm during your gaming session.

And no, this is not a ruse! Although official power consumption specifications are not available, most experts believe that the components of the KFC gaming system will draw up to 600 watts at peak performance. A significant portion of that energy will be converted into heat and radiated by the components. To put things into perspective, typical food heaters require 250 watts of power, which means the residual heat from the console should be enough to keep chicken wings or nuggets warm.

What Are The Specifications of the KFC Console?

Although it is marketed as a gaming console, the structure of its hardware components suggests that it is more akin to a high-power PC. Given the collaborations with Cooler Master, gamers should expect a rather smooth overall gaming experience.

The unconventional housing comes complete with all the bells and whistles. Although KFC is not completely forthcoming with every detail, a check behind the hood indicates that they are not joking. The console is a serious undertaking.

However, we recommend that you take the majority of the specifications with a grain of salt. The project has been delayed multiple times, and future models may incorporate the most recent industry advancements. What we do know so far, though, is highly promising.

The KFC console is powered by Intel's Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element, which houses the 9th-Gen Intel Core i9-9980HK processor, which is one of the best gaming CPUs currently available. When it comes to graphics, an ASUS RTX graphics card delivers flawless visuals. Although the official website does not specify which graphics card will be utilized, based on the other components, we believe the Nvidia RTX 3080 or 3090 will be used. Furthermore, the console includes a unique hot-swappable GPU slot.

Storage is handled by dual Seagate BarraCuda 1TB NVMe SSDs, which should be fast enough to handle most tasks. We're not clear why KFC didn't go with DDR5 RAM instead.

The console's unusual design was inspired by KFC's deal bucket. The custom-built NC100 chassis reflects this, with a cylindrical black body, a red-backlit button, and a grill that covers the cooling fans.

The spacious chassis enables for the future addition of more powerful components. Of course, the chicken chamber takes center stage, guaranteeing that the chicken is always warm thanks to the innovative design that distributes airflow and heat.

What Games Will Be The KFC Console Play?

In a gaming adventure, a console is merely half the narrative. Essentially, it is a platform that supports game play, and the catalog of game titles is what most players are interested in. The console offers the hardware that drives the graphics and gaming engine, allowing game creators to explore new virtual worlds.

Every new Xbox and PlayStation is accompanied by the introduction of a slew of exclusive games. Because a specific game can only be played on a specific console, gamers gravitate toward that platform.

It's logical to anticipate that the KFC gaming console will follow suit. However, no platform-specific games have been announced as of yet.

This should not deter players. Because the console is built on a PC-style architecture, it stands to reason that it will run (or be based on) existing operating systems like Windows or Linux. As a result, the KFC system will be able to run any game that is compatible with a conventional PC, providing a plethora of gaming alternatives. And, thanks to its acceptable hardware, the console will make it possible to play an astonishing number of outstanding titles.

If the technological specifications are accurate, the console will be able to run demanding games in 4K resolution with high refresh rates. Another significant benefit is the claimed ability for gamers to swap out the graphics card. Customizing the component setup allows the KFC gaming system to keep up with the latest games for an extended period of time.

Aside from future upgrades, the current performance is suitable for real-time ray-tracing. The package includes VR gaming functionality and offers 240fps gaming at 4K resolution on some games.

Gamers will voice their opinions after the console is widely distributed. However, most consumers are unlikely to be blown away by the technological performance. The built-in chicken warmer will be a hot issue in the gaming community. It will be an industry first and, most likely, the only video game console with the exclusive feature.

Do I Need the KFC Console?

Choices are personal. Perhaps you are a gamer but dislike chicken. Alternatively, vice versa. Even yet, it's difficult to overlook the amazing features that provide a pleasurable gaming experience. If KFC sticks to the promised components, this may be a system that runs most PC games flawlessly.

Furthermore, it is an obvious fact that gaming stimulates appetite. And the Chicken Chamber can be a useful addition. Not only for warming up poultry, but also for various types of snacks. The only deterrent could be the cost. In that regard, if you can afford it, it is a good buy. Although there is no official price for the KFC console, most analysts believe it will not be a cheap gaming gadget.

What Will Be Price Of KFC Console Be? 

The KFC console's retail price and release date remain unknown. The company has not stated if the platform will be limited edition or widely available. The price of the KFC console has not been the topic of news releases or insider information. Experts, on the other hand, aren't afraid to provide estimates based on the disclosed components. And after hearing their thoughts, it's clear that it won't be a low-cost console.

The Intel CPU, for example, is priced around $1,000. A pair of SSDs costs around $200, and the case is probably worth the same amount. The graphics are worth around $1,000 on the market. When all is said and done, the total cost is roughly $2,500.

As a result, it will be more appealing to collectors than casual gamers. However, we can expect some price reduction because there may be lower-specced console variations as well.

KFC Console Preorders

The project was delayed after its formal launch in 2020 due to negative world developments. KFC's recent social media tweets suggest that the corporation has not given up on the initiative. They also don't provide any fresh information regarding the anticipated KFC console release date.

Nonetheless, many fans take KFC's latest tweets as a promising indicator that the initiative is still alive and well. Without a doubt, the corporation is keeping fans interested for a reason, and it continues to believe that the KFC gaming console will make an influence in the gaming world.

Innovation Is In The Bloodline

The Kentucky-based fast-food chain has always been innovative. Colonel Harland Sanders, the company's creator, was not afraid to threaten hamburgers' dominance in the fast-food business. Sanders is also acknowledged with being one of the entrepreneurs that pioneered the franchising concept in the 1950s.

Currently, the Colonel Sanders emblem can be found in 150 countries and is synonymous with fried chicken. It is a well-known and trusted brand all across the world. The well-earned reputation and the fact that KFC is a multibillion-dollar corporation allow for the introduction of new goods. The marketing team is supposed to come up with innovative ideas to improve the corporate image.

It released a limited edition sneaker with a fried chicken motif a few years ago. It also advertised a chicken-scented fake fire log. As a result, it should come as no surprise that this new concept for a KFC console with a heated chamber was developed and will be published. Even online jokes about the console are favorable to the firm. There is no such thing as bad publicity, as the saying goes.


The KFC console is a game changer for hungry gamers. After all, the product's motto claims that the console will power your hunger. There is no official word about the price or release date of the KFC console. Despite this, the monster requirements can power most games. Providing a fun gaming experience However, KFC's decision to keep fans in the dark about its ambitions adds to the console's ambiguity.

It will most likely be a limited edition promotional item. The distinctive Chicken Chamber may appear to most as a fun novelty, but it's a practical solution for storing treats that won't go cold.


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