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News by: Staff, Editor Published on: 30.07.2022

It seems that Johnny Depp is back to try his hand at the role of a pirate recently, and to do so in a video game, no less: in the video shown on this page we see him playing a bizarre character for the MMO Sea of Dawn.

It is a Chinese video game by the company Changyou, which specializes in online titles that are popular in the Asian market, such as Dragon Oath. The pirate game is set in the era when these characters plied the seas halfway around the world, and Johnny Depp’s character was used for promotional material, such as this sort of short film.


There are, of course, some references to the famous Jack Sparrow, but otherwise the pirate turns out to be quite original: he is an adventurer of Irish descent, judging by his speech, named Phillip and with a marked tendency toward deception. He is blind, but that does not stop him from traveling extensively and collecting treasure, as well as setting various pitfalls for the people he interacts with.

The promotional campaign for Sea of Dawn appears to predate the long-running issue of the infamous defamation trial between Depp and Amber Heard, but the video has recently surfaced online.

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