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On October 4, Blizzard will release the eagerly anticipated Overwatch 2 with a new free-to-play monetization scheme. Owners of Overwatch 1 will receive a free "upgrade" to Overwatch 2, while those who do not already own the first version can download Overwatch 2 for nothing on the day of release. Brand-new maps, game types, significant balance adjustments, and new heroes to play as are all introduced in the new game, some of which are accessible through the just-announced Battle Pass. Players may be curious about how to get Kiriko, Overwatch's newest support hero, without having to upgrade. Kiriko is a Season One Battle Pass character and is automatically accessible upon purchasing the premium version of the Battle Pass. If you want to play as this nimble and speedy healer in Overwatch 2, keep reading to find out how to get Kiriko without the Battle Pass.

Unlocking Kiriko in Overwatch 2

There are a several ways for players to get Kiriko and other Seasonal Battle Pass characters without paying for the Premium versions.

Free Battle Pass Reward

Image via Activision Blizzard

If you decide to skip the pricey Battle Pass and get Kiriko right away, you may still get her for nothing after achieving tier 55 in Season One. If you want to play as Kiriko as soon as possible, you'll need to start grinding as that represents more than halfway through the season's Battle Pass. You gain a lot of XP from playing games and completing in-game objectives, so the more you play, the closer you'll come to tier 55.

Owning Overwatch 1

As soon as Overwatch 2 is out, Kiriko will be free if you already own Overwatch 1.

Image via Activision Blizzard

In-Game Currency

You will still be able to obtain heroes that were offered through the Battle Pass once a season is over. Though the specific type of currency and amount is currently unknown, Kiriko will likely be available to purchase using in-game Overwatch coins earned by playing and completing challenges.

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