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It can be frustrating to wait until you get home to collect awards you know you got from Division Rivals. But did you realize that the FIFA 23 Division Rivals rewards on the Web App may actually be opened?

It's not immediately apparent that you can access your FIFA 23 Division Rivals awards through the Web App. Especially considering that they are buried in a number of menus. The days of having to wait until you got home from work or school to see who you packed are long gone.

Here is all the information you require regarding the procedure, including instructions on how to get FIFA 23 Division Rivals rewards on the web app.

Can you redeem FIFA 23 Rivals rewards on the Web App?

Yes, you can use the Web and Companion applications to open and redeem your Rivals awards. Log into the app, select Competitions, then Rivals. But, do this after the FIFA 23 Division Rivals Reward period has ended.

You can claim your packs from this location, and they will subsequently be delivered to the Store page.

You now have all the information you need to open Division Rivals packs on the app. Check out our recommendations on the best FIFA 23 attackers, best FIFA 23 goalkeepers, and the cheapest FIFA 23 players for more advice and strategies.

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