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The action game Amber Copal MHR Sunbreak  Monster Hunter Rise by Capcom is a storm. And the most recent Sunbreak extension only improves the situation.

With new locations and monsters, Elgado Outpost's new universe is featured in this most recent addition. Try to return your Wirebug and enhance your weapons in this monster's realm so you can complete your quests with uncommon flexibility.

Prepare to use your 14 different weapons to slay your enemies as you explore a wealth of resources and crafting materials. Amber Copal is one such resource that is difficult to locate because of its location. When Sir Etz requests two Amber Copal and gives them the "Amber Brilliance" side quest, most individuals will likely first see Amber Copal as a resource.

In MHR, Amber Copal is a Rarity 4 Material with a Sell Price of 117. To obtain Amber Copal in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, go to this article.

How to get Amber Copal in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Amber Copals, as I mentioned earlier, are more difficult to obtain because you can only find them at Master Rank in the Citadel zone. Amber Copals aren't readily available anywhere in Citadel however. Go to the Stump Sap in the Citadel's Southwest section to gather them.

You're presumably in the early stages of Monster Hunter Rise if you have no idea what Citadel is. After beating Garangolm and progressing in the Sunbreak tale, you can access the place known as Citadel.

Before facing Garangolm, a large, gorilla-like creature and proficient blaster who may send you back to the camp in a matter of seconds if not taken seriously, remember to be well-prepared. Slash and Blunt weapons can still be used to defeat Garangolm.

It's time to gather Amber Copal once you've reached the Citadel region. Head over to the southwest, like I stated previously. A unique harvest node, the brightly colored Stump Sap, can be found here. Since there are many objects here, investigating the entire region will give you a significant advantage in later stages.

Amber Copal Location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

It's time to start the Amber Brilliance Side Quest if you have gathered sufficient Amber Copals. To accomplish this, go to the Elgado Outpost meeting table, find Sir Etz, and give him two ampere Copals to receive yours.

If you don’t have enough Amber Copals in your inventory, revisit the Stump Sap, where you can receive Amber Copals. It will take two to three minutes for the resource to respawn once you have collected all of your resources.

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